Vi fixar allt

Vi fixar allt


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Vi fixar allt 1962 full movies, Vi fixar allt torrents movie

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Vi fixar allt torrent reviews

Dave R (es) wrote: it was not even scary it was boring and silly movie wasn't worth my time they tried to make it freaky like other paranormal but it just didn't work

Panos Y (de) wrote: 6.5/10 A funny fairy-tale,it has its moments.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: Based on the long-running comic strip - a suburban family moves to a new neighborhood with their well-meaning but trouble-making Great Dane. This movie was hated by the critics and the people and I am not calling this a good movie but I will not lie that I did enjoy it.

Graham M (de) wrote: Basically an excuse for Spurlock to travel the Middle East and interview people. It's watchable but not as informative as it should be.

Brent B (ru) wrote: Probably Korea's coolest movie ever! But, does it beat Musa?

Susanna G (ru) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever watched. They were both miserable from start to finish. What is with the infidelity? I hear that is a very French thing? It was a complete turn-off in my opinion. Not true love. Not anything, just a sad sad story.

Alex S (us) wrote: Burt Reynolds was good, not his usual style, that's about it.The young guy who was in it more than Burt was so uninteresting, I almost turned off the film after half an hour, it's obviously meant to be his film, not Burt's, unfortunately he sucks at acting and the film fails to be entertaining because of that.Avoid at all costs.

Mike (nl) wrote: A big departure for Morgan Freeman just shows what a brilliant actor he is. Magazine writer writes a fake article about a pimp and a real pimp thinks it's about him.

Paul D (au) wrote: Simple premise, but an effective western situation with some poor looking sets.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Cool suspense film starring Joan Crawford as a mystery playwright who falls in love with Jack Palance, an actor she recently fired from her latest smash hit play. Of course, Palance just marries her in order to kill her and get her money. Palance rules as the villain, he does such a great job as a loving bachelor while at the same time being an evil guy. The scene where Crawford finds out about his plan is cool, though it goes on for too long. However the final chase is pretty awesome. Oh, and the score is excellent.

Tuomo T (es) wrote: Oikein mainio Tarzan-seikkailu.

Ryan M (us) wrote: I would say I enjoyed this film, but unfortunately, it didn't leave enough of an imprint to remember much about it. Some nice special effects... Just wish Keanu Reeves would grow a personality.

Sanjay T (nl) wrote: Highly well-done spy comedy!

Agata W (kr) wrote: Highly recommend, one of the few films in recent years that actually made me hold my breath. Good performances from cast and even better, creepy atmosphere of the plot.