Vi mötte stormen

Vi mötte stormen


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Vi mötte stormen torrent reviews

Keith C (us) wrote: boring and pretentious, the characters are all equally unappealing and inexplicable. story goes out of its way to be surreal and vague. it's annoying and still boring. fuck you, borgman.

Mikaela B (ru) wrote: Even if the ending was a little bit obvious, this is still a great film that makes one think. Discrimination is discrimination, and this really lets us see that.

Bobby W (gb) wrote: Dire acting and a misfire of a pay-off, but this film is crammed with good ideas and some great scares.

Tim S (es) wrote: I'm very fond of this. To me, it's a comfort food kind of movie. A very simple plot with lots of great comedic actors, a great script full of some fantastic one-liners and just an all around accessible story. It's not instantly relatable or anything, but the characters are a lot of fun. It's actually a movie that should've been made in the 80's but somehow got made in the 90's. It's got that kind of feel to it, especially with all of the cold war and nuclear missile talk being thrown around in it. I can't say for certain that Matt Stone and Trey Parker just flat out ripped this movie off because there are definitely some strong parallels between it and South Park and lots of visuals and lines that are very much the same in both productions, but I'll leave the speculation to those who love to speculate. I, meanwhile, will just enjoy a simple comedy with a mix of slapstick and sophisticated humor.

Charlie M (fr) wrote: Flying saucers remodel a soon to be condemned apartment building in this silly family drama that wastes the talents of Ameche, Tandy and Esai Morales (who was phenomenal in last years "LaBamba".

tim a (ca) wrote: One bit, two bits, three bits a peso! All for Zoro, stand up and say so! I love this old cinemax classic!

Rajneel S (it) wrote: Non-cheesy, but low-rent, Corman flick about a scientist gone mad with his own X-ray eyes features psychedelic x-ray vision, theremin-laden musical scores, Oscar-winning actors slumming it, stock footage and a man with X-ray vision who can never seem to see when the cops or bad guys are sneaking up on him. A by-the-numbers, indie-B-picture of the time (shot in just 15 days), but sports a Corman-written script that espouses greater philosophies than its meager budget can handle. Distracting and mostly watchable cult-fodder.

Joules L (us) wrote: Good as an afternoon movie. It held my attention with its little plot twists.

Andrei G (jp) wrote: Good movie, fun everywhere

Panos M (au) wrote: The plot isn't something that really matters here. Mr. Fulci is trying so hard in order to create this nightmarish, surrealistic atmosphere and to direct in the most inventive way (even if his obsession with close-ups can get a little irritating). Anyhow, if you don't want to imply the horror, this is how you make the horror real. Like Mr. Fulci did in The Beyond.