The true story of the man who blew up the Orient Express.

Based on a true story, this film is a dramatization of the events that led to the destruction of one of the most famous trains in history, the Orient Express. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob F (nl) wrote: A surprisingly good movie about the apocalypse and how people spend their final day. Good acting especially from the little girl.

Jack G (es) wrote: It's fun to see old Neil be Neil Young, this time solo but going between acoustic, electric and piano/harmonica for some greatest hits and new songs... but that one fish-eye/go-pro or whatever it is lens attached to the microphone that makes us look at his tonsils as he sings... no Demme, bad move, don't do that again.

Justine K (kr) wrote: Interesting story line and good acting. I enjoyed it

Vivin M (mx) wrote: Because it is a movie

iain b (fr) wrote: Good, solid horror film even though it is made by a paedo.

Emma N (de) wrote: une esthtique trs "farmrienne" forcment: des enfants tranges, des femmes qui sont folles, des hommes qui sont perdus et le hurlement des loups dans le lointain. Mais y a-t-il des loups ou ne sont-ce que des songes qui virent au cauchemar ?Un bijou morbide et noir, aussi noir que la neige y est blanche.

Allan C (br) wrote: Writer/director Jack Hill get's credit for discovering Pam Grier and giving her her first film break with the women-in-prison exploitation classic "The Big Doll House" and he made her a star with "Coffy." Grier stars as a hospital nurse who seeks bloody, violent revenge on those responsible for her junkie sister's weather. She works herself up the drug dealing chain of command, using guns, sex and smarts to to get her bloody revenge. Far from being a PC film, there is just about something to offend everyone (sexism, racism, you name it), but for better or for worse those are the hallmarks of 1970s exploitation filmmaking. The film features a strong supporting cast that includes genre regulars Sid Haig, Allan Arbus and Linda Haynes (who I read quit acting a few yeas later to become a legal secretary in Florida).

bloody w (de) wrote: one of the most if not the most underrated movie I've ever seen this film is a fantastic piece of cinema and the greatest movie of 2002 by far about a dad who will do anything to ensure his weak hearted son survives. denzel whasington once again delivers a Oscar award performance as usual. this movie is a tear jerking emotional.viewing a truly moving film