Viagem a Portugal

Viagem a Portugal

Maria, a Ukrainian doctor, comes to Portugal to spend a year in with her husband, also a doctor. She is approached by agents of the Immigration Services that take her to an interrogation ...

Maria, a Ukrainian doctor, comes to Portugal to spend a year with Greco, her husband who is also a doctor. Upon arrival at Faro airport she is the only person from Kiev approached by agents of Immigration and Customs that lead her to a room of interrogation, without any explanations. All this occurs because the authorities suspect that something illegal should be behind her trip, since she is from Eastern Europe and her husband is Senegalese. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JulioCesar F (mx) wrote: All in all, this film can be considered quality entertainment. Do not try to think more of it. However, I found the final scenes a bit far fetched, more than necessary depending on caricatures. I had expected the scenario writers to get more out of the finale. But that is easy for me to say from my comfy chair

Andrew C (jp) wrote: I need to report a crime. I have been mentally traumatized by the utter terribleness of Vikingdom (2013). This movie is so bad, I am hoping to have a blunt head trauma to kill the brain cells where any memory of this horrible movie still exist. Not just a thumbs down. A thumbs down with bamboo strips stuck in the thumb nails, and paper cuts on my eyes. Everyone in this movie and helped produce it, should apologize to all of humanity for the utter load of crap. May God have mercy on their souls

Joseph J (ru) wrote: Not that fun to see when you're 10, but it was okay!

Parker M (jp) wrote: The Walker works, but it is a disappointing murder mystery story. I suppose I expected too much of Schrader after his dandy work in Taxi Driver, which starred DeNiro in his performance of his career as a sane-insane taxi driver, trying to cleanse New York City from all the crime. Here, the murder in The Walker somewhat compares to Taxi Driver because the victim is a criminal and The Walker seems to always revolve around upper and lower class, which is quite interesting to watch. However, Schrader?s directing is pedestrian. There aren?t really any shots that blew me away and he doesn?t raise any intriguing questions that?ll trick the audience. Though Woody Harrelson may have given his best performance, I still found that The Walker talked the talk, but didn?t walk the walk.

Alice S (it) wrote: C'est magnifique! Audrey is smoldering and tempestuous and charming and *head explodes.* Story seems basic at first - gold-digger mistakes a poor man for her mark - but the second act twist of Jacques becoming a kept man allows for some nice dramatic/comedic bonding over the ways of the grift. The motif of the "euro for 10 seconds" (like penny for your thoughts) is very sweet.

Yannick D (gb) wrote: While the romance developing behind the scenes was probably a lot more interesting than anything in this clichd and contrived movie, the dancing will satisfy the target audience.

Biliana I (jp) wrote: nice although cut in comparison with the book

Robert B (nl) wrote: Contrary to expectations, I did not find Code 46 to be a dark thriller. Rather, I found it to be rather light when compared with THX1138 or 1984. Overall, the film has a strange vibe to it that is romantic, pensive, mysterious, fatalistic. Unsure what to think of it, though it is certainly a cut above the B-movie I had been expecting. All around Code 46 has solid acting and directing with some interesting concepts.

Johnson C (br) wrote: A classic war movie.

Tatsuhito K (au) wrote: A terrific Swedish coming-of-age drama that portrays authentic teenage life, and captures complex emotions that adolescents go through. The characters are so fleshed out and so believable that sometimes they made me go "What the hell are you doing?! Don't do that!" That's when you know that you are completely invested in the story and connected to the characters. It is charming, honest, and very gentle, the way it's shot is very naturalistic, and the story goes by really quickly. At the end, it made me wish that it was 10 more minutes longer because I wanted to see where the story was going to go. Show Me Love is very much true to life. I adore this movie.

Denise A (ru) wrote: A great family film. About divorced men trying to bond with their children.

Doha E (gb) wrote: good story, good casting, good songs. Magic recipe.

Knox M (au) wrote: Whilst featuring good performances from William Shatner and Malcolm McDowell, the seventh Trek outing goes where none of its predecessors had gone before - the land of weak.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Tuesday, July 16, 2013(1988) Permanent RecordDRAMA To make a genuine affectionate movie about 'suicide' would be a very difficult task to do but what this film is about is not about the person who committed suicide as much as it's about the people it affects as a result of suicide because in real life there are many people I know who appear to look normal and okay whenever you converse with them but they also contain another side we as people don't know about and it doesn't always lead to suicide either. The reason I'm saying this is that I was judging this film in terms of movie cover by title and by the movie's set up synopsis for it didn't look interesting at all, and that I never had any enthusiasm to look at any of the reviews on-line since they're so many which can be overwhelming for the only format I depend and rely on to look up movies are in book form only. Leonard Maltin gave the movie 3 stars out of 4 stating that Reeves was excellent in this movie. And Ebert gave it 4 out of 4 except that he often reviews movies as if they're still in theatres which was not the case here and didn't read his full review until after I had seen it first. And the poster looks totally clich and rather boring but because I liked Reeves in "the River's Edge" which was made somewhat near the same time, I assumed that it was going to be gritty as that film. I was quite releived that it was made in the same raw tone as "The River's Edge" both movies also starring Keanu Reeves and will say that anyone who thinks Reeves can't act should check him out in this film since it's probably the finest acting he has ever done. I can't picture Reeves as a scientist or a doctor but can picture him as a struggling teenager trying to get by. Chris (Keanu Reeves) and his friends were going to start their own rock band together until the inevitable happened. The person who suddenly had taken his own life also has other friends and they can't make any sense of it either for they continue to go on like there's nothing they can do about it. The counsellors in this school are non-existent and I have to say that it was like this when I was in high school too since you're talking about one or two counsellors out of several hundreds or thousands of students and most often they discuss about school subjects- not as much as why a student is struggling. I know because I converse with many of my peers and they all told me the same thing. This film portrayed a high school that really takes me back except that this band plays pretty crappy music except for the last song which was being used once in the film and then used again which was probably the most effective scene throughout the entire film since it's raw with no musical instruments played in the background for she was really singing with no lip synching and that is very rare to see in films these days. Anyone who has seen this will know what I'm talking about. 3.5 out of 4 stars

Kevin C (us) wrote: For a drama about a big business, this is actually pretty entertaining. The climactic meeting at the end followed by Holden's speech is spectacular.

Nelson B (es) wrote: Grade: A-Rating: 8.5/10

James M (ag) wrote: Not very funny, despite the efforts of Joe Pesci. There's way too many films varying on this theme. Not a lot of them are any good.

Kate M (fr) wrote: Not the best, but The Good Dinosaur is a good Pixar movie. :3