Vic + Flo Saw a Bear

Vic + Flo Saw a Bear

Winner 2013 Silver Bear (Alfred Bauer Prize) Berlin International Film Festival. Vic + Flo Saw a Bear is a darkly mysterious tale of two lesbian ex-cons, Victoria and Florence, trying to ...

Winner 2013 Silver Bear (Alfred Bauer Prize) Berlin International Film Festival. Vic + Flow Saw a Bear is a darkly mysterious tale of lesbian two ex-cons, Victoria and Florence, trying to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marilena G (nl) wrote: Important movie about the end of privacy. What is the real price we pay for "free" services like Google and Facebook?

Chander M (kr) wrote: Scenes are played over and over again and again, consuming time.Scenes do not build relationship or drama or thrills.Good attempts. Lack of directives vision is lacking

Andre B (au) wrote: It was a moving film, but I'm a sucker for stories like this one. In life, it is often the small things that make the difference between happiness & depression, between living & dying. I like stories of triumph and finding ways to live.

Luci L (br) wrote: The first 10 minutes or so did not even feel like a horror movie, than BAM! Very well done.

Jeff S (jp) wrote: Probably one of the worst Korean movies you could possibly see.

Bradley J (es) wrote: David Fincher crafts another well-made serial killer thriller, but instead of the typical thrills associated with these films, we get a very talkative but engrossing mystery. Of course, the film is based on a true story. A case when the killer was never truly caught. This means that the ending is rather anti-climactic as it should probably be. The film doesn't make for the most satisfying film, unlike Fincher's other serial killer Seven. The cast is fantastic,except for a rather unfortunate lack of female characters, with Chloe Sevigny sleep walking through a poorly written part. Zodiac isn't Fincher's best film but it is mature, and solid filmmaking. Rating: 72

Angel F (ca) wrote: I guess there are one or two enjoyable RD quotes, but the movie is pretty bad

Janean L (ca) wrote: There just wasn't enough dialogue. And the model train/helicopter sequence was laughable, even for a film from this period. Thunderbirds/Stingray had better special effects! Watch "Le Samourai" instead to see Alain Delon at his best - far superior film.

Mardi M (nl) wrote: This is the biggest budget West Aussie film ever (even if the budget was only $2 mill), and if it does well in the us, and rest of the world (and in Aus to obviously) the West Aussie film industry is really expected to pick up so everyone go watch Crush at the cinemas!!plus I'm an extra in the twae kwan do scenes (well the ones in Australia anyway!)

Jamin M (br) wrote: I absolutely adore this film. I fell head over heels for it. I love the characters. I love the animation. I love the comedy, the drama, the musical score, everything. The emotions are very genuine and the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless is very poignant and very touching. Yes, the story is predictable with many been-done elements, but the way the story is executed and how well-paced it is makes those elements work very well. One thing Dreamworks is good at doing is casting and it clearly shows here. I loved every performance. The way the dragons work is kind of confusing, but how cool the dragons are more than make up for it. The film is, in my opinion, practically perfect. It's my most favorite Dreamworks film next to it's sequel. It's an absolutely stunning, funny, heartwarming, surprisingly intense, action-packed adventure that both kids and adults can enjoy. It's straight up wonderful

Matt H (jp) wrote: Great narrative and performances from the cast. Guaranteed to leave you looking over your shoulder, questioning who you can really trust, massively compensated by cinematography, with beautiful composition. Not to forget the great usage of sound to build tension and leave you feeling on edge. Great film 100% recommend!

Owen D (br) wrote: Was it good? no. but i give it 2 stars for being funny bad, and killing people with a nail gun. the killer should join forces with the driller killer, or fight each other!