Vice Academy

Vice Academy

This tale tells the story of female police cadets training to join the Hollywood vice squad. During training, the toothsome rookies are assigned to infiltrate a kiddy porn operation. Next they must go undercover and join a prostitution ring.

Two female cops go undercover to bust a porno ring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean P (gb) wrote: Frankly the vision scenes were a bit distracting and there should have been a bit more interaction between the two psychics. The movie suffered because they held off too long to reveal the second psychic.

Justin T (ca) wrote: A new take on the western but ultimately it's a by the books movie. Robert Duvall awesome, Kevin Costner less awesome.

Kevin R (br) wrote: Brothers aren't supposed to see brothers on the shitter Claude and Roby Montgomery are a middle aged couple with no kids and little direction in life. When Claude's uncle gets locked up, they head to Claude's home to show support and attend the court precessions. While in Claude's hometown they'll uncover their true love for each other. "She's my sister and I love her but I don't like that you fucked her." Billy Bob Thornton, director of Slingblade, All the Pretty Horses, The King of Luck, and Jayne Mansfield's Car, delivers Daddy and Them. The storyline for this film is nothing special but the character development and script is amazing. The cast delivers outstanding performances and includes Billy Bob Thornton, Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, Kelly Preston, and Andy Griffin. "The only reason you guys got to church is to show off new clothes. Don't think I don't know shit like that." I caught this film while flicking through the channels and thought the lines and character interactions were mesmerizing. I could wait to see what happened next throughout the film. I caught myself completely stopping what I was doing so I could see who said what to who and what happened to this person. I loved this film and felt Thornton and Dern were perfect. This movie is worth adding to your DVD collection and is an underrated gem. Grade: A

Salim I (nl) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson gave a pretty electrifying performance. Outside of that, this is an excellent movie about interracial relationships and one of Spike Lee's most underrated films.

Adrian Z (fr) wrote: Ed Wood's debut is a bizarre semi-documentary about transvestism that was very close to his heart. Wood secretly coped with the condition himself, and picked to act in the title role of Glen. His real life fianc (C)e, who was not aware of his tendencies until the film was written and planned also stars in the film virtually as... herself, or rather Wood's idealized vision of herself. One that would eventually react tolerantly to his revelation. Awkward! Their relationship did not last long after this. Heavy handed writing and poor acting pester the film, and stock footage is randomly mixed into it in the form of montages with morose dialogues read behind them - making this a firm candidate for the top five worst movies every made. Bela Lugosi was already washed up when he was roped in by Wood to act as a God-type entity pulling the strings of the world, and uttering complete gibberish in the process. Pathetic. Wood is famous for creating the "so bad it's good" school of film making. There is possibly no one as incompetent as Wood was at directing, however his enthusiasm clearly shines through his films. This is a reason why his films hold to date a strange, morbid fascination. The same that might, against one's will, prompt one to look at a car wreck to get a look at the twisted metal and mangled dead body.

Shirley M (br) wrote: Saw it before and really love his movies

Bob V (au) wrote: A savage tour de force. With the exception of such movies as "Schindler's List" and the western documentary release of "Mein Kampf," the Holocaust -- engineered by the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler which killed 13 million people (Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, mentally retarded, insane, political prisoners, Jehovah's Witnesses and intellectuals comprising 99% of that figure) -- has been the subject of far too many inferior efforts by Hollywood and other film makers. "Amen." is a wonderful exception. The astute viewer is shocked in an entirely new way by the Holocaust. The first victim at every stage along the way is TRUTH and the film makes you ache and cry for truth and courage and simple integrity like nothing you've every hurt for before. At a time when America's Constitution and traditional values are suffering from progressivist revisionism, the simple clear values of truth and the necessity to be able to trust and believe in our institutions such as family, church and government once again, this movie is not only outstanding in itself, but also a clear reminder of what's at stake in America today. My church and others made a big deal about the anti-religious message of the movie -- Balderdash, there is no anti-religious message, there is only truth. If today's Catholic "powers that be" wish to "clear" Galileo several centuries too late and wish to condemn the actions of the Pope before and during World War II several centuries off in our future . . . remember, they are RIGHT NOW making truth a victim all over again. One thing that the church made a big deal out of was that only one fictional priest is shown as a hero. This is the only major failing of the movie; at the end of the film they needed to say this: "The character of priest Ricardo is a fictional composite of the dozens of heroic priests across Europe who tried in vain to get the Vatican to act and the hundreds of other priests who tried in more direct ways to stop the persecution and murder of the Jews and others." Along those same lines, the movie could well have shown the Jehovah's Witnesses (No, I don't enjoy their visits to my door stoop, either)who not only were the only consistently brave and forthright religious group in Nazi Germany in opposition to Herr Hitler right from 1933 on, but who suffered the same tragic fate in the concentration camps because of their righteous bravery.