Vice Girls

Vice Girls

Three sexy cops will have to go undercover to catch a ruthless pornographer who is murdering young runaway girls.

Three sexy cops will have to go undercover to catch a ruthless pornographer who is murdering young runaway girls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicki M (es) wrote: The reviews for this aren't great, but I kind of liked it. It has that 90's indie film feel to it (it's not set in the 90's, or not so I could tell, but it really reminded me of films like Kids, All over me, Freeway etc). Just the kind of thing I love. My main criticism is that it doesn't have a true ending. It really felt like something was going to happen, but it didn't. And Emma Roberts is not a favourite of mine either, but she's not too awful in this one. I wasn't very impressed with all the smoking either. Is it really necessary to glamorise that disgusting habit? Those few sticking points lost it the star.But I did enjoy it overall and I think I need to watch it again, because it is subtle on some points. I suspect I missed a lot. The young cast do a good job. The actors playing Teddy and Emily were standouts.

Sophie C (mx) wrote: Cringe-y, documentary ish almost, not sure if I would see it again.

Katherine L (fr) wrote: Pas le meilleur de Trogi...mais bon ca s'coute bien. Le fun de voir tous les liens avec les annes 80, mme le Perrette est la et les sip sap !..Bravo pour l'actrice qui fait la maman, trs bonne :)

Emily W (fr) wrote: Brief Interviews is uneven and a bit grandiose, but Krasinski and company's enthusiasm for David Foster Wallace's great work shines through.

Hannah A (ca) wrote: this is the BEST movie ever. LUMS 18

Amanda C (fr) wrote: I <3 this movie it's so heart touching. If u want a good romance movie get this one plus Jessie and Winnie make a cute couple

Clayton W (au) wrote: With its frustratingly persistent repetition, it's easy to write Blackboards off, but beneath the slog, there's an at-least-interesting movie lurking. The film does a decent job of aligning the viewer with its protagonists, traveling teachers searching for students in the stark Iranian landscape. The titular teaching tools take on multiple purposes and have the least utility when being employed for their intended purposes. With a jarring grittiness and verity that recall Neorealism, the film's urgency is more pronounced than it would be in a slicker package, meaning the message comes out strong and mostly clear, even if the same adjectives can't be rightfully assigned to the film as a whole.

Fahim B (gb) wrote: Possibly the most dark and hilarious movie ever made, seriously, if you ever wanted to watch an intense foreign/bollywood movie, this is it. The songs, acting, is great and overall it was just wow

Michal Z (br) wrote: Terrible movie that feels like a cartoon for 5 year old kids. Stay away from it.

Elaine S (au) wrote: Soppy , Disney , Classic , love it :)

Patrick D (br) wrote: It's a bad flick, but it's got spunk, and watching it late at night the cheap way and extremely odd way it was done really fucking gave me the creeps. One of the first films in a while that got under my skin so much that I had to watch of a bit of Conan before bed. How lame do I feel.

karen u (de) wrote: idk about this movie

Andrey B (gb) wrote: Good and, i suppose, an influential classic for i caught many elements that are used in horror films nowadays.

Matthew C (it) wrote: Wow! This film hit me hard. It lead me to believe then took that belief from me even though I knew I was being duped. William Wyler crafts a harrowing and beautiful tale of an English family clinging to each other through the early 21st century leading up to the second world war. The moments of hilarity are only matched by the moments of drama. The engrossing performances of Garson and Pidgeon are the glue for this fantastic family drama. They don't make bios like this anymore, where the very soul is tested with the cruelest of atrocities and yet humanity finds a way to endure the ruin and rebuild from the rubble. A very powerful film that takes dramatic turns from one emotion to the next. A must see!

Genevieve R (ca) wrote: Pretty good as Disney sequels go, but nothing stellar. I admire the fact that they decided to add John Rolfe to this movie. Teaches children a good lesson about looking behind the glamour and properness of British society. "Things are not what they appear" has a double meaning; the meaning that the jester was conveying to the audience and also the fact that England looks beautiful on the surface but the people can be quite ugly and ignorant on the inside.

Adrian B (us) wrote: Action drama about a group of young friends who brainstorm a plot to gain some quick bucks. Their plot however leaves them with more than they can chew. Starring John Travolta in an unusual supporting kind of role

charles b (de) wrote: Jeff Bridges' tour deforce performance (which deserves an Oscar nod) and T Bone Burnett's contribution to the moving soundtrack, essentially save the film from its dreary pace. The journey is provoking but Cooper's attempt to match the book's all encompassing emotional rawness misses... just a bit. That said, Bridges and Gyllenhaal share a strong on screen chemistry.