Victim of Love

Victim of Love

A psychiatrist (Williams) and her patient (Madsen) are involved with the same man, who may or may not be a murderer.

A psychiatrist (Williams) and her patient (Madsen) are involved with the same man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Victim of Love torrent reviews

Kendall G (kr) wrote: Predictable but also disappointing.

ILgioiella J (de) wrote: Great novel , great movie , great actors , great director great in every bit of it , it' s more then love story it' mad me face the human nature it awaken something big inside me

Keali B (jp) wrote: I hate how they keep changing the characters. Again: No Johnny, No Watchy :)

Scott W (it) wrote: I fell asleep part way but I don't think I missed too much.

Mylene L (kr) wrote: i like it.. . . very nice

Sharlyn H (fr) wrote: I love watching this movie! it gives me sanity time and I enjoy seeing others battle out relations with each other!

Steve G (nl) wrote: Original tagline: "Nazis eating bananas on a submarine."Nazis be trippin'! It takes a lot for a movie to make you root for Nazis.You know when they lost me? When they tried to make me sympathetic to NAZIS! People use, "gee, willikers, you can really feel the claustrophobia!" synonymously with, "this must be a good movie!" That doesn't follow (though, it does feel claustrophobic). Yes, it successfully portrays claustrophobia, but how about a plot to go along with that?It was a kind of German equivalent of Lawrence of Arabia. Overblown & lacking in substance. It's not until late that the film makes a last stand at drawing the viewer in. And, by then, it's a bit late. I think most of the zeal for it comes from some vague desire to connect with historical(ish) events. If you're an hour into the movie and have can't identify a semblance of a plot, and have zero emotional investment in anything anyone is doing, there's a problem.The ending, with the re-surfacing attempt & ensuing events, were so spectacular, it made the movie watchable, again.

Merijn H (us) wrote: Where most movies have an emotional climax, Up brings you in tears after 10 minutes. The best introduction of all animated movies, hands down. After that, the story doesn't quite match the emotional level of the prelude, but it's still entertaining.