Victim of the Brain

Victim of the Brain


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Victim of the Brain 1988 full movies, Victim of the Brain torrents movie

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Victim of the Brain torrent reviews

Sam R (es) wrote: Heartfelt and quirky with very likable characters. Bring out the tissue boxes.

Stacy M (us) wrote: I am not sure what, but something about this movie just clicked for me. Sure it might not be a "great" movie, but it was highly enjoyable. A hot male lead, romance, and a little bit of humor is all I need.

Alexander W (jp) wrote: This is my favourite Kitano film. I think it's even more complete than Hanabi, in terms of character development and overall impact.

Jon N (nl) wrote: A very disappointing film, after years of trying to track it down and hearing quotes like disgusting, vile, and funny this film fails to be any of the above. In context of peters early work (bad taste, brain dead ) I would have to say this was poor in comparison.

Troy J (es) wrote: This is one of those movies That I can watch countless times and never get tired of it. Favorite quote, "Will you guys stop illing, somebodies going to get hurt"

Jonah G (us) wrote: With two annoying leads, this movie is only saved with the opening, some action bits, and Harrison Ford being as entertaining as usual.

Jacqueline B (ru) wrote: De las mejores peliculas que he visto. Nunca la olviddare, me sabia el libreto completo.

Kristen B (mx) wrote: It's weird to see a young Richard Harris - I'll always remember him as Dumbledore before he died. This is a good film. Very predictable at times. Trying to kill everyone on board to contain the infection runs along similar lines as to what happened in Resident Evil.

Neil O (ca) wrote: Great Abbott & Costello double spoof (Gangerst and Haunted House) vehicle also featuring Joan Davis, Evelyn Ankers, Richard Carlson and Shemp Howard with musical guest stars The Andrews Sisters and Ted (When My Baby Smiles At Me) Lewis (the man they said could make the clarinet talk - and if it did it would be sure to have said - for Gods sake put me down!) Although the film was made prior to 'In the Navy', its release was delayed so that Universal could release another Abbott and Costello service-themed film to follow Buck Privates. One of the duo's best.

Jacob S (gb) wrote: With dedicated performances from the actors, memorable plot, memorable characters, hysterical jokes, and VERY memorable scenes, "Police Academy" is a film that never takes itself too seriously and is highly recommended from me.

John L (nl) wrote: The Stepford Wives (1975 original) meet The Faculty -- both of which are MUCH better films than this one. The formulaic, predictable plot shows completely through the flat, cliched dialog, and lackluster acting performances. The comedic relief or gripping horror that could distract the viewer from it (formula plot predictability) and keep interest are both lacking. The basic premise and concept held promise; execution in screenplay, script and direction fail to deliver. It's a film I might have gone to see at the drive-in when my date and I wanted to pay more attention to each other than watching the film.