Victor Victoria

Victor Victoria

A struggling female soprano finds work playing a male female impersonator, but it complicates her personal life.

On the verge of starvation in 1930s Paris, erstwhile entertainer Victoria is rescued by gay cabaret performer Toddy. Victoria then finds work playing a male female impersonator, but it complicates her personal life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor Victoria torrent reviews

Matthew G (ag) wrote: Jesus Christ...those people did not deserve to go on holiday there...

Edward F (it) wrote: I've had days where I felt as looney as the people in this. Not nice. Unfortunately the pace of slows in the second half of the movie and it starts to repeat itself. Bu tit's still memorable and bizzarre.

Scott W (kr) wrote: This is really well written. Some of the dialogue is excellent. You can tell it's written by a playwright. There are a couple of really great powerhouse acting scenes for Strathairn and Walker.

Allen G (ag) wrote: Despite all of the possible pitfalls that can come from making a biopic about a well-known musician, this one avoids them all and stands out, for me, as possibly the best film of it's genre out there. I'm a big Joy Division fan but I've never been an Ian Curtis fan outside of his music- I have never felt much for who he was other than as a remarkable lyricist and performer. I still feel this way and it makes for the perfect position to be in to appreciate this film- it's great for it's telling of the story I already know so well but also great for it's portrayal of Curtis- one that allows him to be judged and isn't some kind of pitiful attempt to glorify him like many biopics often are. Riley's performance is beyond belief- absolutely top-notch and completely convincing, so much so that this is a film you forget you are watching- instead you feel right in it.It's also a film- not a documentary in movie form- it has it's own points to make and uses this story to make them- it's wide-ranging and I'm sure people unfamiliar with Joy Division or even not fans at all can still appreciate this film for it's story and power.Top class acting and a great visual approach, one so aesthetically-linked with Joy Divison that you'd think the remaining band members made this film themselves. It never steps over the line- it manages to go beyond a biopic but still remains true to the story it's trying to tell, it isn't a majestic movie, in many ways it's a modest one and this modesty fits in perfectly with the Joy Division story and also allows for this not to be another film that glorifies sad events or tries to create a martyr or anything of that sort- there's enough movies about Kurt Cobain if that's what you are after (though I hope it's not). Regardless of your thoughts on Curtis or your knowledge of Joy Division this is still a film you should watch and by the end you should have your own view on this story and that's because this film doesn't force you into an opinion and nor should it. It's not a happy one though but I imagine you'd be aware of that already.

Winston M (ag) wrote: NOoooooooooooooo. Why? Why must they ruin a classic, with these fake knock-offs.

Miedy B (fr) wrote: The first segment is the best out of three, thanks to Vanessa Redgrave's powerful but yet touching performance. I also love Chloe Sevigni and Michelle Williams's segment (I kinda wish they'd made this into it's own feature movie as I really interest in their story). The third one was the weakest one, not bad but not as great as the other two.

Greg W (mx) wrote: ok actioner from JCVD

Chus v (es) wrote: Not a great film but certainly a really fun one... you can't get wrong in comedy, by mixing the talents of David Zucker with the ones of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. A rewatchable guilty pleasure, with something to say about our "bread and circus" society.

Randy P (jp) wrote: The thrills are there, but they are not thrilling.

Robert M (ag) wrote: Amazing. Great concept. Really sinister. Rock Hudson at his best.

Aya V (gb) wrote: William Hurt is so beautiful in this! He should always have dark hair! The film is pretty good too.

Nick K (br) wrote: Okay movie mostly just flashbacks!

Scott M (jp) wrote: Charming film that is well acted.

Suanne S (kr) wrote: James Cagney will blow you away dancing! Great 4th of July picture