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A story of redemption, drama and action, where only love can overcome all obstacles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tolunay D (au) wrote: E?lenceli Ama Gereksiz!(Tolunay Dereli)Film nceki filmlere k?yasta ok farkl?, nceki filmlerde bekarl??a veda partileri vard?. Ben ilk filmi be?enmi?tim ama ikincisi gerekten birinci filmin kopyas?yd?. Bu filmede umutlu girdim ve be?endim, be?endim be?enmesine de ne d?man derinli?i, ne hikaye olu?umu a?s?ndan yeterli de?ildi. Demek istedi?im o kadar basit bir olay rgsne sahipti ki, filmin para iin ekildi?i anl?yorsununuz. Bunlar? bir kenara b?rak?rsak film gerekten di?er filmlere k?yasta aksiyonu ve macera kurgusu ok iyi. Yani filmin iine girebiliyorsunuz, film her ne kadar iyi olsada basitti. Ben bu yzden tepkiliyim, ne gerek vard? ki? Bak?n bu filmin ismi ''Felekten Bir Gece'', bu film ismi ile alakas? hi yok. Film bildi?in intikam tarz? ve aksiyon birle?imi bir?ey olmu?, filmin tarz?n? de?i?tirmi?ler. Ama film ikinci filmden daha iyiydi, sadece konsepti de?i?mi?, ikinci film birinci filmin kopyas?yd? zaten izlerken s?k?lm??t?m. Bide neden hep Doug ka?r?l?yor? Phil, Stu veya Alan neden de?il. Syleyeyim mi? nk yap?mc? bu oyunculardan para kazand??? iin bu kadar ok sre veriyor ve o karakteri filmde tutmaya zen gsteriyor. Alan'?n babas? ld? zaman cenaze treninde hi kimse zlmedi, ben buna bir eksi olarak yazar?m, tamam insanlar? gldrmek istiyorsunuz ama her sahnede komik olamaz. Adam?n babas? lm? selfie ekiyor nedir bu yha. Byle samal?klar olmamas? laz?m, mesela ben Alan'?n yerinde olsayd?m a?lard?m. Ayr?ca Marshall karakterinin ne derinli?i var ne kurgusu sama sapan karakterleri i?lemeden sokuyorlar. Yok Chow alt?n?m? ald?, alt?nlar?m? bana getirin size Doug vereyim bu nedir karde?im, siz ka filmdir bu olay rgsn i?lediniz hi mi b?kmad?n?z? Todd Philips'e ok sinirliyim bari yeni ierikler retip bizlere sunsayd?n?z, her film birbirine benziyor olmaz byle i?! Bu nas?l seneryo yazmak inan?n bilmiyorum. Filmi izlerken e?lendi?imi syledim evet do?rudur, ama bu kt oldu?u de?i?tirmez. Bence film ok basitti ve nceki filmlerin yapt??? hatalar? yapt???ndan dolay? puan?m d?t. Ayr?ca filmin ''Shawshank Redemption'' olan gndermesi unutmamak gerek :)PUANIM: 6,2

Alejandro P (gb) wrote: Saw it, not as funny as you think, but it is funny.

Mark K (ru) wrote: A superbly acted, sometimes ultra violent, crime drama with thoroughly detailed characters.

Daniel S (ca) wrote: A pretty good romantic comedy more focused on the male character and his search for his own identity whilst his life doesn't seem to fit any kind of stereotypical mould. Tragically he has no trouble picking up girls, yet the best thing to happen to him is an underage girl who's in love with him and he is left holding himself back from being truly happy.

Lupus D (es) wrote: Who says you can't make a decent movie about football? Forget Goal and all that bollocks - this is the way to do it for any self-respectin fan...

Brandon W (kr) wrote: I actually come across Driving Miss Daisy because one of the teachers from my school talked about it and said that it's on Netflix. So I looked it up in Rotten Tomatoes, and it got my interest of it. Driving Miss Daisy is a classic movie that would be remembered for a long time even though it already has been remembered. Morgan Freeman acts a bit different than his recent films which is really cool, and whenever he laughs, I just can't help but smile and laugh. Jessica Tandy plays a stubborn old woman pretty well that sometimes make me mad, but also a laugh at times. The chemistry between the two main characters are really good, and the conversations they have are pretty interesting to listen to, even if it's frustrating at times which makes sense form the main girl. The movie is relatively short which I'm glad consider with how simple the premise is. The screenplay is really good, and it's very interesting. Driving Miss Daisy is a wonderful film that shows that even small films can be memorable for a long time.

Andy T (de) wrote: With a stellar and inspiring performance from Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society ranks among the top school dramas, combining friendships, heart, emotion, and determination into one powerful message: Carpe Diem.

L J (jp) wrote: Unofficial Comic Strip film. It's not great - certainly not all that funny - but there are some great cameos in this. Has one of the best final lines in a film EVER!

John C (es) wrote: Did I miss something about this "masterpiece"? I found this movie very messy and very nonsensical.

Matt M (es) wrote: Fellini's film is a portrait of a group of swindlers who prey on the poor and ignorant people of the Italian countryside. The film can be comical a times, but it's really a dark and cold crime drama. However, it is the most straight forward and hence paradoxically one of the least interesting in Fellini's filmography, as well as one that possibly represents the filmmaker least.

Jace L (fr) wrote: An undoubtedly powerful samurai drama, Harakiri is a film that will keep you guessing until the very end. It's a story of bravery, family and honor, not to mention dishonor, and it is a wonderful film that should be treasured for its intensity of emotion and drama.

Bill E (fr) wrote: Probably the worst "USA USA USA" movie of all time. So cliched it's actually painful to watch.

Karsh D (us) wrote: Bit of a slow burner in truth but picks up rapidly as soon as mick Dundee touches down in New York.

jaiquon p (es) wrote: I wish I can see this movie

Jay P (es) wrote: "Into the Blue" has a 21% rating?.. i understand this movie wont come close to winning an Oscar.. but.. you have the Bahamas, the Ocean, Sand, Babes, Jessica Alba in a bikini, Paul Walker... this Alone should give this movie at least a 60% !!!

Arvind R (fr) wrote: Chilling on-the-ground view of the downward spiral of violence...

Jay M (gb) wrote: So, so, so very bad. Seriously bad. If you're going to watch this, do it with your favorite snacks (freshly popped truffle butter popcorn and champagne), so that you'll have something good in your day.

Alex S (ru) wrote: Some conveniences and a weak ending take some of he intensity away, but Transsiberian is lifted up by its tense atmosphere created from claustrophobic direction and bleak landscape, and some very convincing performances from its excellent cast.