Vida y color

Vida y color

Teenaged Fede is trying to overcome his family's peculiarities--a sister's unsatisfied wedding; a grandfather's refusal to talk to his best friend; a family friend coping with Down's Syndrome, and then there are the bullies.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Vida y color torrent reviews

jay n (it) wrote: Mind numbingly dull.

Robert H (au) wrote: Diversity of thought is fine until it comes to bought and paid for lies in the form of a laughable movie. Like "creation science" where conclusion is known before the science starts the deniers have the outcome ahead of the facts.

Jim R (au) wrote: A really well done movie that does not let its message get in the way of storytelling. Highly recommended to anyone that thinks they might be remotely interested in this kind of movie.

Bryan G (fr) wrote: [font=Courier New]The original [i]Anatomy[/i] was a surprisingly entertaining film for me to watch. It was gruesome, disturbing and one hell of a good watch. [i]Anatomy 2[/i] is as far away from that film as can be. Where the first one succeeded in mixing horror with medical science, [i]Anatomy 2[/i] fails for trying to combine horror with a good intentions gone wrong. At the beginning of this film, it pretty much had me. The characters seemed interesting, and the setting was good. And it appeared that the movie was building up to something great. But after about 30 or 40 minutes, I soon realized this movie was just another typical sequel. The original film had a society of doctors cutting open people while they were still alive, and then making statues out of them. This was done surprisingly well. This film takes a different route. Now, a similar society is trying to prefect implants in people, turning them into something like the Bionic Man. After some deadly results, and buried secrets come forward, a new member soon realizes that maybe what he is doing is wrong, and tries to get out of the society. Pity the other members don?t let people just leave when they feel like it, they rather would kill them. And soon the movie builds up to the inevitable battle among these ?supermen.? Toward the end of this film, I really didn?t care what happened to any of these people. I kept hoping people who believed in the original societies way of cutting people alive would come into the picture, and a battle would explode between them. I will admit though that I got happy when Franka Potente appeared in the film. She is no longer the doctor she wanted to be, but rather a cop hunting down anyone who believes in this societies ways. Now that storyline, if actually used more, may have created a better picture. She really should have been in the movie more than she was. [/font]

Keenan S (br) wrote: This is my least favorite entry of the Tremors series, but the third film is still good fun. While the plot is noticeably weak and the new characters aren't very memorable, I came for monster killing, and I got what I wanted in a satisfactory way. It won't win over naysayers of the previous films, but I think it's a fun monster film worth seeing if you like monster films.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: As a Douglas super-fan I am a little biased but this was great.

Greg W (ag) wrote: gr8 family pic-who knew?!?!?!

Nick M (kr) wrote: It's lead actors do a competent enough job delivering this bloody low budget fast paced action packed film to raise it above other medieval movies.