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Vidas torrent reviews

Gary L (mx) wrote: Low-tech, but very very interesting!

Jill G (es) wrote: I give "The Trouble with Bliss" Five Stars. I had the pleasure of attending the NYC premiere last night. I found the story to be thoughtful and funny at the same time. I thought all of the performances were fantastic and that Brie Larson was great. The different eccentricities and personalities that exist in a small neighborhood in NYC rang true to me and made me smile. Enjoyed the film immensely.

Joshua H (gb) wrote: Quite possibly the most electrifying filmgoing experience I have ever had, Shine a Light is the perfect marriage of director and subject. Though seeing it on the small screen is great, this is a film that deserves to be seen on the IMAX. The Rolling Stones play all of the hits and Scorsese's camerawork is brilliant. This is the film that turned me into a huge Stones fan.

Brian I (br) wrote: To say the least, I have no hope left for this country if this is how our democracy is decided.

Valerie A (us) wrote: it's a movie for dancer and peoople who love to dance...great movie

Marcela G (ca) wrote: Est buena! Vale la pena

Benjamin W (jp) wrote: A fun little movie that merely accentuates the differences that can occur between families when a wedding happens. Of course, the extremes are shown to highlight the hilarity, but in the end it's family that matters, isn't it?

Veniea T (fr) wrote: I hope that it is good

Alex S (nl) wrote: Very low budget and it shows but it's not too awful. Tries too hard to be a Tarantino film (very obvious at the opening) but fails miserably.

Jay S (au) wrote: Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene, Mike Smith and Craig Charles lead the cast in Ghostwatch. The film presents itself as a live special programme, broadcasting live through the night from the Early household - "the most haunted house in Britain". What starts off as a fairly slow show soon builds to an intense climax.The film terrified Britain upon broadcast as many people missed the "written by" credit at the start. In an interesting case of life imitating art, at a certain point in the show, the BBC phone lines are jammed by masses of terrified callers. This actually happened in real life around the same time, adding to the terror. The film reportedly caused the first known cases of PTSD triggered by a TV programme, and in one case was cited as a factor in a mentally-ill man's suicide. The film was banned and has never been broadcast in the UK since.

Sally A (es) wrote: I was like 'Is that Sam Rockwell? - it is! it is Sam Rockwell!' then I calmed down a bit. This started off really well - I suffer from clownaphobia so found the first half of the film sufficiently scary but the second half was very run of the mill, just lots of chasing - a bit Benny Hill-esque actually. This is however a decent, quality little horror film. Sure, its a bit boring towards the end but it is otherwise quite well done, suspenseful and very worthwhile for fans of eighties horror movies.

Pedro R (br) wrote: Mais uma obra prima do mestre Kusturica

Riley H (au) wrote: This is sporadically funny and has one or two actual jolts in it. The problem is that it's far too meta. There's a flashback; there's a movie within a movie; there's a practical joke: way too much going on. If the general incoherence is meant to be a parody, a la Murder by Death, the audience is not aware of it. Rather it comes across merely as way too many ideas for one not very well made film. That still makes it better than a lot of horror crap that came out in the 80s, but it could have been much, much better. See Return of the Killer Tomatoes instead.

RJohn X (ag) wrote: I am convinced now that the fact that all these cannibal movies share pivotal scenes with each other is an elaborate meta-narrative device. Are all these stories happening at the same time, folded neatly around each other? The only scene where the cannibals attack and rape and eat the young girl by the river is lifted directly from EMMAUEL AND THE CANNIBALS and EATEN ALIVE both with reference each other AND the MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD...A lot of animals were harmed in making this, ultimately, very sweet love story.

Ryan G (it) wrote: Better than average, one of Lancaster's better performances.

Tess T (de) wrote: DEVIL BAT WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!...Devil bat is my favorite movie of all time.. fuck people who are actually criquing this in comparison to movies today.. THIS MOVIE WAS MADE IN 1940!!!!! the special effects in this movie probably scared the shit out of people at the time. Devil bat is hilarious, best quote: "good night dr.carruthers" "Good bye" <--in his awesome accent

William W (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this Cronenberg film. Though my favourite films of his are the incredible ones he did in my teens, during the 80's ('Videodrome', 'The Dead Zone' and 'The Fly' are nothing short of outstanding, and works that no one else could have come up with), he's really been thinking outside of the box for the past decade (even for a consistently interesting creature such as he), and it's only been recently, with both Sarah Polley and Denis Villeneuve emerging as vital directors, that his ranking as the greatest Canadian director ever chas even had suitable competition for comparison.I remembered when this came out, and I believe a critic from 'The Globe and Mail' interviewed Cronenberg at its opening at Cannes, and he was almost apologetic about using Pattinson. It sounded like he didn't want to have to direct him. He made the excuse that he couldn't get funding for his projects from North America anymore, which is a dirty rotten shame, and had to go to Europe and Asia any time he wanted to make a film in order to have it bankrolled, and the Japanese insisted on star power to put moviegoers in the seats, and said there'd only be financial backing if Cronenberg directed Pattinson. This was my first experience watching the actor's work, and he did a fine job, no problem. The supporting cast was strong, with many of my favourite character actors of late, such as Paul Giamatti and Jay Baruchel. The script, co-written by Cronenberg, was a strong statement about just how out of touch the very rich are with the other 99% of us. I docked my mark by 1/10 because I was pissed off that Cronenberg degraded one of the finest actresses of our lifetime, Juliette Binoche here. I can't even talk about it. It was as difficult for me to tolerate as Spike Lee having Christopher Plummer call Jodie Foster a c*** in the otherwise excellent 'Inside Man'. Lee's off my Christmas card list for sure this year, but Cronenberg being a fellow Canadian (I bet you thought I was going to say white, hahaha), I'll be less angry. But he better look over his shoulder if he tries something like THAT again. I was THAT close to crossing HIM off my Christmas card list too...I also remember from the time the film came out, an article and rating on the film (I think it was 'The Globe and Mail' as well, and by the same critic who had earlier interviewed him), saying that when he watched it, he watched a few teenage girls leaving the theatre (most probably because Pattinson was in it), saying it was the worst movie they had ever seen. That's the only evidence you need that this is a fine movie, well worth your time.

Nicholas G (us) wrote: one of my favorite movies