Vidas paralelas

Vidas paralelas


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Elexus O (it) wrote: it's okay it's kinda DULL

William M (nl) wrote: Well, the movie was kinda cute and my mother liked it too. Although Heather Locklear was surely over 40 at the time she did this, she still has the body and looks to look as good as she does. And this is kind of a feel good story for her as she is divorced and her husband left her for a younger woman and he even cheated on her before he left her, which only adds to her pain. And throughout the movie, the ex still feels like a controlling type, in some things he says and all, even though he doesn't have the control he thinks he has.And when you think of it, the movie is good in showing what some people will go through for love. So although it is more of a romance movie and a chick flick, if you get to see it, I hope you can enjoy it too. And for the guys, Heather Locklear in swimwear you will enjoy. ;)

Andrew L (de) wrote: An female version of Days of Thunder, brings two experienced drivers who will go head to head to win over a man. However a rookie driver goes in between them to stop all that happening. Although there are good car races with good editing, but the story is very routine and slow at times.

Jess L (au) wrote: In a league of its own, a creeper of a film - in documentary style - that questions the ethics in teacher student relationships and classroom interactions. Really packs a punch and not only puts you off teaching but made me admire those in the communities around the world that persevere and attempt to get through to obnoxious teenagers like we see in this film. The lead is nothing short of incredible in my eyes; a simple and underplayed character that really connects with the student characters and audience alike. Very worthy of the praise it has received.

David S (it) wrote: Preposterous and sublime at the same time - proper cinema, mate.

Harold K (es) wrote: This has succeed in gaining the most dubious of titles as the worst film I have seen all year, if not for a decent proportion of my entire life. The narrative presents a puerile, clichd, flabby, un-insightful and often frankly insulting romp around the world religions. The film is deeply anti-Islamic, playing off the crude notion that somehow Islam is unique in being 'so miss-interoperated'. I am a viewer who delights in discovering about religions, and thoroughly enjoyed the BBC's programme "around the world in 80 faiths". This film entirely fails to emulate any that series' success. Roger is an annoying and childish presence. Stupid techno music destroys much potential poignancy, and the overall cut ends up turning a collection of profound views into utter rubbish. O, and I forgot to mention that the vast majority of the interviewees are men. Misogynist Roger neglects half the world and horribly distorts the other. BAD BAD BAD!

Stan L (br) wrote: can we use "mehtod acting" to interprete Castro? That s why his performance in fromt of people is always so attractive and charming? anyway, he s a genius, belonging to a past times. unforunately, the POV of his documentary s a bit too flat.

David Z (jp) wrote: An attempt to make a Ultraman not solely aimed at kids. Not a bad story, it does suffer from some pacing issues early on. But it is worth sticking around for the climactic fight at the end.

lloyd s (ag) wrote: Much better than its rating suggests. Yes the acting can be a bit dodgy even from these A-list greats, but all in all a good intellectual thriller. Beats the Abyss hands down

Charlie M (de) wrote: Teacher goes back home only to find himself tormented by his childhood bully.

Tamsin P (ru) wrote: It was Fifties. Very, very Fifties.

Private U (it) wrote: A true masterpiece. The most haunting film I have seen in a long time.

Josh M (us) wrote: Great movie with a strong concept and tolerable visuals. The plot and pacing were quite well handled, however the acting was slightly below par and the film does have several notable flaws and inconsistencies. However, this doesn't change the fact that this is a well-developed and quite underrated film.

J B (nl) wrote: "The Finest Hours" offers a stirring account of the Pendleton rescue by Coast Guardsman Bernie Webber and his valiant crew.