Video Vixens!

Video Vixens!

Brash and crazed cigar-chomping network TV executive Clifford Bradley decides to push the boundaries of good taste and moral decency by broadcasting an extremely bawdy and explicit stag ...

Brash and crazed cigar-chomping network TV executive Clifford Bradley decides to push the boundaries of good taste and moral decency by broadcasting an extremely bawdy and explicit stag ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (br) wrote: I watched this solely on the dopey premise of turning ice Road Truckers into a horror movie with a dinosaur. Not as incompetent as an asylum movie but still pretty wretched. It's b movie qualities can't even satisfy with the awkward pacing.

Jami B (it) wrote: My daughters love this film! P (3) and J (1.5) will watch the entire film. I feel it has a good/strong message for children.

Davey W (fr) wrote: Meh... At least they tried!

Julie G (jp) wrote: Amazing what a person can pick up from watching cable. Pretty funny movie too.

Conrad S (es) wrote: After the poor reception of Batman Returns, it was clear to Hollywood that people wanted something a bit more fun. This lead to a batman film with some of the worst, and best, choices. Fortunately, It decides to imitate the '66 Adam West Batman, a beloved classic of all comic book fans. Unfortunately, it takes all the subtle things that made it great, and surround it with signs saying LOOK AT ME. Fortunately, Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones do a great job of playing some incredibly charismatic, and fun villains. Unfortunately, Val Kilmer and Chris O'Donnell give some of the most wooden performances I have ever seen. Fortunately, the score is superb, and gives an edge to the wacky nature. Unfortunately, the cinematography is terrible; you can't see anything thats going on! Fortunately, the practical effects and Two-Faces design are both excellent. Unfortunately, the CGI and the rest of the costumes are laughable, and have become infamous in the world of comics. All in all, this film balances out all it's good points with bad point, but I still recommend it.

Paul K (ag) wrote: Very enjoyable. Reminiscent of Cinema Paradiso and similar Italian narrative movies seen from a child's point of view. Very straightforward structure, rose-tinted but based on realities. Full of larger than life, wholesome personalities, fittingly for a film that's broadly speaking a memoir of young Boorman's wartime childhood.

Ed Fucking H (br) wrote: An entertaining, sci-fi/adventure film, about two scientists who find themselves in an alterior world while exploring the center of earth. The special effects are extremely campy, but are sufficient for this films needs. On this alternatre world at the center of the earth there are still dinosaur(ish) like beings and humans are slaves to a weird race, who's main power source is a telkinetic relationship with rubber flying lizard birds. It is up to our two heroes to liberate mankind from this oppressive regime. This isn't a great film by any means, but it is an entertaining hour and went minutes. There ar laughs and thrills to be had. I don't get people who watch what is obviously a b-movie and complain about the special effects or the campy acting. Aren't those the main reasons to watch this kind of movie?

Khaled M (jp) wrote: Beautifully choreographed, the performers are remarkable and the set design is magical and spectacular.

Carlos K (jp) wrote: Una fabulosa follie de crimen y sospecha. Glamorosa a ms no poder. Lumet derrocha clase y los actores... tal vez el mejor reparto de la historia del cine. Fascinante Bacall, conmovedora Bergman, deslumbrante Bisset, un tour de force para Finney como Poirot, etc, etc. Un clsico con uno de los valses ms hermosos jamas compuestos que imita el sonido de un tren. Imprescindible.