During the Emergency Girdharilal Kapoor flees from India to live in Britain, assumes the identity of Swami Prem Baba but still carries on selling cocaine. When he finds out CBI Inspector ...

During the Emergency Girdharilal Kapoor flees from India to live in Britain, assumes the identity of Swami Prem Baba but still carries on selling cocaine. When he finds out CBI Inspector ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebekah H (es) wrote: Unique aliens, in that they're very simple to portray in CGI without looking like a completely cheap disaster. An ingenious measure for just working around budget limitation. The characters aren't immediately likable, but they're not supposed to be. A gang of street urchins goes from blithely robbing a woman with a knife to loyally defending their turf from invading aliens. If you don't want to see such a turn around movie, where thugs are portrayed as full people who can be both villainous and heroic depending on their situation, then my recommendation is that you find something else. It hurts to see such a stand out movie's rating suffer from reviewers who sound like they could have spared themselves some time if they'd just read the description. These are kids with too much time and little in the way of prospects behaving as hoodlums, but that does not stop them from rising to meet the challenge. I was very excited to see John Boyega's success in the movie rewarded with a part in the new star wars.

Jeffrey L (it) wrote: A flick that never scored a big release likely due to its interesting yet overly solemn story and obscene content, Phantom Punch may please a select crowd of viewers yet lacks the appeal it was capable of. Another biography of a somewhat forgotten celebrity from years before who should be remembered as well as anyone, the film provides a thorough look at the life of the late boxer Sonny Liston. The film arguably has a great deal to offer. Yet, by its conclusion, some may feel they have learned more information than they would have cared to, given the unsettling results.Filmed in Ontario, fans of Liston will get to know his personal life much better after an initial viewing and may even get more than they bargained for (or wished to know). Ving Rhames gives a decent performance as the legendary boxing champion and a watchable supporting cast (including Stacey Dash and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras added for good eye candy) make for an appropriate compromise for other areas in the film hard to watch (especially a rather unpleasant rape scene). Though some exciting boxing match scenes and stylish vintage atmosphere help the film in many ways, it ultimately leans to the unpleasant side of the main character a little too often and the questionable conclusion may be the dreariest part of all. The film as a whole will likely appeal to fans of the real Sonny Liston who has also been played by Michael Bentt, Marc Coddette, Steve Harris, Michael Anthony Williams and Roger E. Mosley in other films. But to get the best coverage of his specific story, this is your best choice, folks. Apparently due to lack of popularity, the film suffered some setbacks and was not released on TV or DVD until a few years after completion.

Noname (de) wrote: A horror / mystery movie which i thought would be scarier then it really were. Story is about 2 students sharing a ride home over the holidays and they get problem on the way there when they choose a shortcut.. Stuck on the road in winter/ night time strange things begins to happen outside the car. Its a worth seeing movie but could have been better.

David M (gb) wrote: Twice as entertaining as the first - which is something most sequels fail to accomplish.

The A (ca) wrote: I could go on to explain why this film is bad, but honestly their are more important questions. How did this get a 70% critics score and a 47% audience score? The audience had the right idea, but what were the critics thinking? Were they bribed to right a good review? Did they feel obligated to after the success of the actually good Terminator 2? Honestly I have no idea and am just sitting here wondering how this could happen, and how many critics would change their mind if they were to resubmit their review.Rating: D+

Ben G (mx) wrote: Don't believe everything you hear about this movie. Richard Williams' original Magnum Opus was a great triumph of writing and animation; it was how the studios handled it after they took it from his hands that ruined it. I urge you all to watch The Recobbled Cut, Gilbert Gilchrist's pain-stakingly reconstructed restoration of Williams' original masterpiece, for that is true cinematic gold.

Anthony W (es) wrote: One of the great forgotten Movies about Writers. I highly recommend it to all who enjoy writing as a hobby or as their day job.

Thomas B (nl) wrote: Some of it is pure comedy gold, despite the ending turning into every other cliche you've already seen. Full review later.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: In many ways, American Hustle kind of feels like the result of some kind of con played against us as viewers. Director David O. Russell is too preoccupied with fancy costumes and elaborate sets and the soundtrack's rock and roll tunes to create a consistent storyline. The plot, which is a fascinating (somewhat) true story based around the 70s ABSCAM operation, is a complete mess, with a lack of focus of the ulterior story at hand and so many back-and-forth character personality changes that jar you around like a metaphorical car crash. Perhaps its the result of so much improvisation instead of following the script, which creates this kind of tonal and narrative whiplash. O. Russell is clearly influenced by Martin Scorsese, specifically his ever-famous Goodfellas, but unlike that film, this sprawling narrative is too wide for its own good, and lacks the same kind of impact in the process.And yet, by some sort of turn of events, American Hustle is oddly enjoyable. For all of these aforementioned narrative issues, there's something that keeps you engaged with the antics of these characters for 138 minutes. They're each stuck somewhere in the grey area of morality, with their benevolent and malevolent sides pulling at each character in opposite directions, to the point where any of them could lose it at any moment. So much of this comes from the solid performances O. Russell pulls from his ensemble, something that stands out as one of his stronger suits as a director. Christian Bale and Amy Adams are the standouts here: always willing to go one step beyond, Bale completely blends into the mind (and body) of his character, and Adams manages to find a good mix of mystery and sympathy that makes her character quite likeable. Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jeremy Renner round out the supporting cast with good performances, although nothing groundbreaking for any of their careers. Despite too much focus given to them, the outlandish costumes and hairstyles and production values really invigorate the late 70s setting, and make for pleasant visuals to cap it all off.It's kind of comparable to Rosalyn's thoughts on the microwave (aka "science oven"). Something has sucked all of the cinematic nutrition out of this film, and left us with an empty narrative. At least the fire is exciting though.

Stephen C (jp) wrote: "I dont take sides,i take pictures" Vastly underated 80s movie ,that probably got caught in the slip stream of Salvador and the Killing Fields which is a real shame as this film is just as good as those 2 films. Nick Nolte is excellent a photo jourmnalist working in Nicaragua during the civil war in 1979 who gives us the above statement but towards the end of the film has to take a side in order to get a story. Gene Hackman plays Noltes boss and Love rival and of course being Gene Hackman he is excellent in the role. Joanna Cassidy(what Happened to her?) is great as the woman in both mens lives. What helps here is the script by future director Ron Shelton never lets the love triangle element get in the way ofthe overall political story. Roger Spootiswoode keeps every thing moving along briskly and the supporting cast of Ed Harris ,ricahrd Masur and a suitably shady Jean Louis Trinigant all add to the films power. Jerry Goldsmiths score is one of his best and the films message is still relevant to todays global situations. Do your self a favour an rediscover this 80s gem