Vie et mort de Pier Paolo Pasolini

Vie et mort de Pier Paolo Pasolini


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Eric G (au) wrote: A Bollywood action movie with a social message: the big corporations are crushing the weak and the poor with the help of corrupt politicians. But it's not easy to decide what is morally right or wrong in a complex world. Questions of friendships, moral values and allegiance are addressed. It's a decent attempt although still remains quite dramatic in its narrative style and focuses too much on the action. With such a long film, 2h30, the film would have benefited of more details around the political context since the director chose to use a real marxist/maoist political movement called Naxalism in Eastern India. It nevertheless attempt to give a balance view of the situation. Interesting.

Brenda D (mx) wrote: I loved it. Made me laugh and cry. Catchy music, romantic and entertaining.

I dont know w (gb) wrote: I don't care if the dogs are cute, it's ridiculous and stupid, end of story.

Omar A (nl) wrote: Tiene la esttica de una pelcula para TV, es divertida y un poco original, siguen cayendo en el clich del gay, aunque un poco mejos tratado!

Dario R (us) wrote: Utter crap...don't waste your time in this movie. I'm a fan of Donnie Yen (Ip Man), but this is one of his worse films. The story is crap, and the martial arts are not that impressive. Thankfully it was a short movie, but because of my OCD I had to finish it (yeah I know I got issues)

Erica D (us) wrote: can you say 'wild'? it was pretty good but there were just some really weird parts.

James R (us) wrote: Intriguing doc about guerrilla marketing employed by Troma, which is essentially organised chaos like only they can do.

Flixtwochris N (fr) wrote: I want to see this [email protected]&$"'#%^++=?!'

Daniel C (fr) wrote: Better than some more well known films but stills lacks character development. Plot holes throughout ruin the possibility of enjoying the film.

Muffin M (de) wrote: I own this on DVD in a three movie pack along with:* Gorgeous (1999)* The Medallion (2001)

Paul A (de) wrote: this movie got a little bit boring to me, the storyline was slow, and it was pretty predictable. The acting was pretty mediocre and didn't seem that great. 2 stars for good special effects and a decent set. Not a movie worth watching though, but it could have been worse.

Patrick L (ag) wrote: Bah humbug to all the "tomato head critics" below. This film is not Shakespeare but it isn't Friday the 13th type crap either. A funny, risque film with pranks, comedy, heroism and great scenery and good characters, this nicely extends the franchise further into our memories.

Emily D (ag) wrote: This film somehow manages to mash together a beautiful portrait of San Francisco, and a sometimes humorous, continually apt mediation on inter-generational identity.

Holly (kr) wrote: A wonderful Disney classic! Featuring Fred MacMurray, and a young Kurt Russell. Inspiring movie!

Cassie R (au) wrote: Was excited to see Sherry Moon Zombie in this film but she dies early on and left me disappointed.

Robin N (it) wrote: While John Woo did great things for the action movie genre, thy all tragically lacked other important components to succeed.While this movie represents his last and greatest picture it still suffers from hollow characters with development. Even it's protagonist is unlikable.

Erik B A (au) wrote: I can't imagine this would be a great "date movie", but it's a great movie, nonetheless.

Eric O (ru) wrote: I'd've been ok with less of the raven/intermediary scenes in a trade-off with another Poe story or two. But overall was very cool and unique