Viens chez moi, j'habite chez une copine

Viens chez moi, j'habite chez une copine

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Viens chez moi, j'habite chez une copine torrent reviews

Wal R (jp) wrote: Very good film. Mark Womack turns in a stunning performance, and John Bishop is very good too, although he's only in it intermittently. Ken loach does his usual gritty left wing dissection of life and the human condition, and there's absolutely nothing wrong in that at all. It's not always easy viewing, though. A water boarding sequence in particular is visually and emotionally intense and tough going. However, Loach invests enough flesh on the bones of his characters to justify it's existence in the film and that's the best thing about this and most of his other works. At the heart of them all, you care for and can sympathise with the characters, the predicaments that they find themselves in, and the extremes to which they're driven in order to achieve resolution.

Jonathan H (de) wrote: Not bad. Glad I decided to watch this.

Pavan S (jp) wrote: saregama padaneesa karo karo jalsa

David C (ag) wrote: Stars Jon Bon Jovi but I don't think his acting skills are top of the line. The movie was kinda slow at the beginning but picked up later on. I wouldn't rush out to see it, though.

Jim A (de) wrote: Its animation is extremely impressive for the time and some of its creatures are pretty cool but the story is problematic and the characters are very bland and undevoloped. Overall its worth watching for its visual breakthroughs and is an Ok sci-fi story

Ian C (ag) wrote: Encore dans le genre tellement mauvais que ca en est bon... Des scnes assez incroyable !

Craig B (br) wrote: Classic English FarceNaughty in the best kind of wayOne of my favorite endings ever

Walter M (ru) wrote: Aided by a very good cast, "Cromwell" is a lavish if mostly simplistic spectacle about the conflict between Parliament led by Oliver Cromwell(Richard Harris) and King Charles I(Alec Guinness) that starts in 1640 as England is facing an invasion from Scotland and Cromwell is about to immigrate to America with his family and fellow Puritans. However, the cause of defending farmers from the king's interests intercedes and Cromwell and his allies work tirelessly in Parliament in an escalating fight that leads to civil war. What works best in "Cromwell" is the contrast between Charles and Cromwell which is expressed perfectly in a great debate about whether ordinary men are capable of extraordinary things. Cromwell takes one side of this argument as he fights for a more just society but loses himself along the way, eventually becoming a tyrant as much as the one he eliminates. On the other hand, the subject of religion is skirted over as is Cromwell's brutal stint in Ireland.(Gore Vidal once wrote that the Puritans left England not because they were persecuted but because they were persecuting everyone else.) The movie's one critical error is in arguing that a country requires a strong head of state to succeed. Just don't knock anarchy if you haven't tried it.

Paul D (es) wrote: This one unfairly suffers from comparisons with 'The Searchers', and it has a similar storyline, however it does have its own grittiness about it, in both story and characters with a good pace throughout.

Adam R (de) wrote: A very welcome return to form for the Indiana Jones series. Last Crusade brings back the exciting sense of adventure that Raiders of the Lost Ark did all those years ago without needlessly going overly grim and dark like Temple of Doom did.The plot itself, Indy is once again fighting the Nazis in a race to reach the Holy Grail, is a lot more straightforward and even feels more intimate for Indy (it mainly revolves around his father after all). There's a touching father-son bond throughout that blends so well against the greater scale story.One of this film's biggest attributes is the supporting characters. Unlike Temple's characters who mainly ranged from annoying to forgettable (save Amrish Puri as Mola Ram), Crusade brings us a welcome mix of old friends (the always wonderful John Rhys-Davies as Sallah and Denholm Elliott as Marcus Brody) and new (Sean Connery as Henry Sr. and Alison Doody as Elsa Schneider). Whereas Willie Scott and Short Round were such extreme character types that it was difficult to sympathize with them, Elsa and Henry are far more toned down but not without likable personalities.If I had any complaints, the opening with young Indy feels a bit rushed and ridiculous, even for this sort of movie. The fact that all of his personality quirks and physical scars came about in the span of ten minutes is pretty hard to believe.Still, that's a minor complaint in the grand scheme of things. The Last Crusade is an excellent adventure film and a fond farewell to the Indiana Jones franchise. Well, at least for now.

Marron G (gb) wrote: Inspiring movie based on true story

TanKeong S (br) wrote: Warm and touching without being melodramatic