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Pamela J (mx) wrote: This sounds great, filmed in London in an old abandoned mental hospital. A good mystery, suspense. sounds like you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Sarfara A (br) wrote: The Island President documentary film produced by Actual Films, based in San Francisco, and directed by Jon Shenk. The film won Cadillac People's Choice Documentary Award at Toronto International Film Festival. The documentary follows the former President Mohamed Nasheed of Republic of the Maldives, as he faces the country that has just come out of the grip from despot dictator Abdul Gayoom under fair elections which brought Nasheed as new president, Nasheed struggles to persuade global powers at upcoming Copenhagen Summit on global warming to reduce carbon emission, lest his country would sink down in coming years. Good documentary, that begins with fresh glimpses of the aesthetic scenery of islands of Maldives and its tantalizing waters. Somewhat fair deal of documentary that is only gala when it's got to be.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: Fun Size is completely implausible, and Victoria Justice is a horrible actress. But the movie is slightly diverting for pre-teens and teens, and has some laughs (mostly in spite of itself).

Michelle G (ag) wrote: Really good movie. I watched it one Lifetime with my sister. We both loved it. Its a good thing to remind you about all the dangers out there. So you watch yourself and make sure you don't get hurt.

Renji T (de) wrote: A senior who married young contends with her life, love, and pursuit of individuality and femininity.

intuciic (br) wrote: quite good movie about family with lots of problems and unspoken emotions...

Jake S (kr) wrote: One of those classic comedies with an unlikely story...that you can't stop watching

Soheil W (it) wrote: A classical 80s kids movie! Creative, in his way funny and bad actors!

Kevin M (ca) wrote: Great true-to-life documentary about Chuck Berry's concert life and his 60th birthday St Louis celebration. I'm slightly annoyed by his unpolished guitar talents but his songs have withstood the test of time - a mark of influential songwriting.Clapton, Richards, Lennon and the other celebrity interviews are funny - the performing guests even tease 60-year-old Chuck and his half-assed attitude.In the film, Berry plays terribly over dozens of tracks while his celebrity-studded backup band carries him through. I admire his songwriting skills, but I'd rather listen through the performances with Berry's guitar backline muted.

Paul H (kr) wrote: Ignore the 'MOVIE INFO' shown here (23.08.16), this relates to the 2016 film, not the 1976 one.

Oliver S (kr) wrote: Absurd but i think that is the point! Some good black comedy moments.

Jens L (nl) wrote: A Japanese B movie...interesting...but lacks the depth of more serious Japanese productions

Tsukasa A (ca) wrote: The Woody Allen musical movie follow the traditional musical movie composition but it was rare at the time that actors sing and dance without stand-ins. Woody Allen wanted amateurish songs and dances and did not tell the actors that it was a musical until after they signed their contracts. Woody Allen had to tell Goldie Hawn and Edward Norton to try to sing worse because they sang too well to be believable as a normal person just breaking into song. The actors sing their own songs except for Drew Barrymore, who convinced Woody Allen that her singing was too awful even for the realistic singing voices he was after. She said she doesn't even sing in the shower.Goldie Hawn dancing at the river side of the Seine is the scenes to see. Her expression is beautiful from hands to toes and her movement is smooth though she is suspended in the air. She learned ballet from age of three, taught dancing and attended musicals as a professional dance after she dropped out the college. I believe Woody Allen didn't tell Goldie Hawn to dance worse for this scene.

sock p (es) wrote: I always loved this movie, admittedly its not as cool as it culd be but its stil pretty terrific. Based on the cult comicstrip 'Tank girl' is a fierce grrrl who kicks serious ass. Lori Pettys performance as the eponymous character is terrifically eccentric an OTT. The movie has a loopy sense of huour and a few flamboyant scenes. Good fun al round. Great to see an eccentric female badass heroine in a movie. its rare.

Scott C (de) wrote: Martin Campbell directed this?! Wow! This was a weird little sic-fi flick. Didn't really do it for me.