Vietato morire

Vietato morire

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Paul H (nl) wrote: Power of faith and inspiration. Loved it.

Heather M (mx) wrote: The cast was interesting in this one, but the plot left something to be desired.

James H (fr) wrote: Mildly entertaining, the story is pretty dumb and the acting isn't very good. It does indeed have some slow stretches.

Andrew L (jp) wrote: Very poor and very boring story. Terrible acting and accents. Waste of 2hrs

Alex H (au) wrote: I love The Flaming Lips, but I was not expecting this to work for me at all. Pleasantly surprisingly, it mostly did. A surreal slice-of-life-on-Mars with an appropriately nebulous plot, cool monochrome cinematography, and actually rather perfect pacing. Its amateur deliveries and ragtag production values and underdeveloped philosophical ambitions and explicit old-school psychedelia may not endear everyone, but there's some genuinely decent psychological science-fiction in here. I think fans of Dark Star should enjoy this also?

Yiting X (de) wrote: It kind of broke my heart the first time I watched it. And today's review even hurts more.

Jeff B (it) wrote: Kudos to the ladies, but not much special here.

Ahmed F (ag) wrote: ??????/????????/??????/?????

Lexi (gb) wrote: No!

Robyn C (ca) wrote: beautifully filmed but the women are predictably preyed upon and obnoxiously resigned to their shitty fates.

Accurate M (es) wrote: ...what? Oh, sorry I fell asleep just thinking about this awfulness.

Love M (fr) wrote: A lazy, modernized thriller that never fully engages the audience.24/03/2014