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Vihtori ja Klaara


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Dave R (nl) wrote: Here we go again yet another Wrong Turn movie there all the same pretty much bloody gore movies they just keep going on and on with these

ge B (es) wrote: Cok uzun ve sIkIcI diyaloglar vard, ic karartici biraz. Sadece son sahne iyiydi...izlenmese de olur

Sing Chie T (nl) wrote: Yet another cheap thrill

Ps J (au) wrote: the closest thing we'll ever get to good Lovecraftian movie, eh?

Sean C (es) wrote: Didn't really work for me but not a terrible film by any means.

Anne F (es) wrote: This was an unpleasant film which I didn't see the point of.

Tonee R (es) wrote: This is a great sequel to the original!

Nick A (ru) wrote: An undertaker teams up with a couple diner owners killing folks. The latter two use the remains as menu items, while the undertaker tries to cash in on funeral services. They're or less bumbling idiots and there's no shortage of slapstick.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: Classic sci-fi Doomsday adventure. Interesting premise is presented with some questionable science and outdated effects, but it's still pretty good fun.

Kevin R (mx) wrote: You got one horse you can ride. What do you want with another you can't?Major Alex Kearney is a Union soldier who is about to be discharged. He volunteers to become the first Union spy and try to uncover how the confederates are discovering the routes for their supplies and horses so he can relay those details back to the Union. Can Alex infiltrate the confederates and discover how they keep stealing Union supplies?"Not used to giving orders, eh?""Worse yet, I'm used to being obeyed."Andre De Toth, director of House of Wax (1953), Crime Wave, Day of the Outlaw, Play Dirty, The Mongols, and Carson City, delivers Springfield Rifle. The storyline for this picture is straightforward and doesn't have much going for it. The action is just average but the acting is solid. The cast includes Gary Cooper, Lon Chaney, Phyllis Thaxter, Philip Carey, and Alan Hale."I've said everything I can say. I wish you'd go back but I can't make you."This is another western that was recommended to me via Fios so I DVR'd it randomly off Turner Classic Movies (TCM). This was a very average picture that doesn't have much going for it. Gary Cooper was his calm, cool, sarcastic self. Other than watching this for that quality in Cooper, I'd skip this film."This idea of yours isn't working.""Give it a chance."Grade: C

Noah Abraham G (gb) wrote: A delightfully silly film. The effects are bad, but the acting surprisingly isn't, with Bill Oberst, Jr. delivering the perfect Lincoln. Also, it has a young Teddy Roosevelt as a character. How can I NOT like it?

Jack P (gb) wrote: The third and final film in the series and the most outrageous. We see ash in medieval times right where the second film left off. The progression from horror to comedy through out the series really shows here as army of darkness is a crazy laugh a minute film. We see ash fight the deaditte army with knights in order for him to transport back to the time he came from. This was a different direction from the previous films having been set in the cabin for the first two. A completely different setting, environment and story made this fresh and left you wanting to see more of ash. Absolutely hilarious and completely off its rocker, army of darkness is a worthy third instalment.

Phillip D (br) wrote: This movie is freaking awful.