Vikings: Journey to New Worlds

Vikings: Journey to New Worlds

Filmmaker Marc Fafard examines the historical and cultural significance of the seafaring Vikings.

Filmmaker Marc Fafard examines the historical and cultural significance of the seafaring Vikings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tommi N (ru) wrote: The last year of Beethoven's life, with great musical scenes...I really enjoyed this film.

John V (es) wrote: BEAUTIFUL MOVIE! It's a tear jerker, but a great story!

John S (de) wrote: Sorry, even though Hillary Duff is nice to look at. It's not enough to go see her movies.

Matt C (it) wrote: It has a nice production to it and the performances are very good, and it starts out really strong, but it kind of loses its way as it goes into the third act. I actually saw this movie about two weeks ago but upon thinking about it, I've liked it a bit more.

Andrew L (ru) wrote: A slam bang kiss ass Japanese martials and gun fire film. This film has lots of action, great stunts and very cool characters with make up and visual effects and good use of music. Good use of fast pace editing and cinematography to make the fights scenes interesting. However I couldn't find the story to this film. There are many characters who fight, but for what and why. There are fun action moments, but there is no story that tells the film.

Sandrine L (gb) wrote: Pour l'histoire, pour la photographie, qui vaut vraiment le detour, pour les chansons d'Aznavour qu'on entend a quelques reprises... Ce film m'a totalement seduite.

Phil F (kr) wrote: Definitely a John Hughes flick, but unfortunately not a great one. Frank Whaley, a character actor who has appeared in some of my favorite movies (Pulp Fiction, The Doors, Born on the Fourth of July), appears in a starring role in Career Opportunities. He plays a mischievous, wayward, but smart young man named Jim Dodge who has just taken a night-janitorial job at a local Target store after being fired from another. After being locked in for the night, he indulges the childlike fantasy of playing with everything in the store (instead of doing his job), and soon realizes that he is not alone. A beautiful girl named Josie (Jennifer Connelly) is also present. Jim remembers her from high school, and was infatuated with her, although she didn't reciprocate. However, Josie is charmed by Jim on this evening, and decides that she likes him. She is afflicted with the dreamer's disease, has an oppressive father at home, and wants to leave this small town pronto. She expresses this desire to Jim, and he makes an off-the-cuff offer to go with her. Surprisingly, she accepts, and tells Jim that she has $52,000 cash in her purse. They share a romantic dance, a kiss, and some time together in a tent. After this, the film really starts to sour for me. Two thieves have broken into the store (played by brothers Mulroney, Dermot and Kieran) to rob it of merchandise. Why this unnecessary twist in the plot? The thieves added nothing to the picture, and ruined it for me. All around, this film is pretty mediocre by Hughes standards, and it showed at the Box Office. Not a big hit by any stretch of the imagination, but I still found it watchable. Two and one-half stars.

Claire T (us) wrote: hated it, I thought it was crap, I didn't think it was a great film and I thought it would be better than this and I will not watch this film again, it was directed by Lucio Fulci, it starred Christopher George and Carlo De Mejo

Sage H (nl) wrote: Quite an outstanding true American western, Hang 'em High is filled with the grit and action you'd expect from other Eastwood westerns along with its intelligent story about the corrupt nature of politics and the story of retribution.

John R (jp) wrote: 130427: I've watched, and enjoyed, a lot of Spaghetti Westerns as of late. I've given this one a rating, but I'm going to have to watch it again to come to a firm opinion.

Don S (mx) wrote: I am surprised how much I enjoyed this, as I really don't like Billy Crystal! DeNiro is awesome, as always, but dang, he can not cry at all, nor do I want to see him cry. Terrible. But the plot was good, and lots of good character actors from all over the mafia film/television world.

Grant H (it) wrote: 70's slasher film that meets minimal expectations.

Hunter S (gb) wrote: Good for a kids film..