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Vildanden torrent reviews

Daniel J (es) wrote: Very well done movie. I enjoyed it a lot!

Gunpowder B (it) wrote: An offbeat value-driven comedy delivered in a cynical manner. Smart directing and Eckhart's machismo guarantee this film will entertain the lot.

Kendra T (ru) wrote: Heard it was a romance lol but still ^^ i wanna see it

tyrese c (es) wrote: This is a bad a$$ movie! and screw the critics its amazing!

Tyler M (gb) wrote: Great touching film that deals with the emotional "ghosts" of vietnam, Deniro looks amazing shirtless!

Thomas B (ru) wrote: I grabbed my full attention...

John S (ca) wrote: Anything in which Julie Andrews sings is a good movie. This one is just plain fun.

Nathan C (kr) wrote: It had great actors, But that's all i remember what is good.The movie itself is very Trash!Taking the Piss out of Jack in the Beanstalk and they choose to add more and more giants.Score: 3/10

Frank D (ru) wrote: remember seeing this long ago with my dad, would love to see it again so I could give a better review

Richard J (us) wrote: Pretty good. Sheds light on the art world

Jennifer D (ca) wrote: A western. A Marilyn Monroe flick. Of course I had to see this. And it was just as bad as I was expecting. Now I usually don't demerit a film for bad "special effects" but this was a little absurd. I mean, was I ever supposed to believe Marilyn was on that raft? I don't see how. Awful. And when the Native American comes on the raft only to rip Marilyn's shirt as she screams helplessly. OMFG. Let's get real here people.