Villa des roses

Villa des roses

In 1913, a young woman starts work as a maid in a seedy Parisian boarding house full of eccentrics. When she falls in love with one of the guests, she must choose between her son and her new romance.

Louise Créteur's husband dies on the Titanic trying to emigrate, so she must leave their boy Lucien with her old dad in Honfleur and leave the Normandy countryside for greater Paris. She ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher W (de) wrote: Native American movie but ok.

Dean E (jp) wrote: Subtly hilarious, very enjoyable. Theron owns her role

Radhika R (fr) wrote: This film is an irresistible combination of enlightenment and entertainment, with the theme of simplicity running throughout, be it in the form of it's modestly-dramatic plot or in the form of the serene sets. I found the depiction of football as a sport in amazing, as it brought out it's cultural significance in Germany along with an addition of a thrill in the film. The portray of Lubanski's "after-prison experience was quite a thought-provoking eye-opener towards realistic happiness vs. expected happiness. However, some incidents in the plot were highly coincidental which makes one question the reality of it all.

Trinity C (ca) wrote: Awwww....cute picture.

Luke K (kr) wrote: Wet Hot American Summer is a crazy, slapstick cult classic, and it's really hit and miss. David Wain's style of goofy sketch comedy isn't for everyone, and for the most part I'm a fan of his movies. This one, however, I am really torn on. There are some really funny gags in this movie, and moments where it's comedic charm really shines. But for every joke that hits, there are three that fall flat, and the main problem of Wet Hot American Summer is how crazy uneven it is. It's a mess. However, I struggle to just write it off as a stupid comedy, because the moments that do work work really well. The scenes with David Hyde Pierce and Janeane Garofalo are hilarious, and the story with Michael Showalter and Marguerite Moreau works really well and has a perfect payoff. And the standout is Christopher Meloni, who has some serious comedic chops. What doesn't work is Paul Rudd's character, which I thought was just unnecessary, and the subplot with Bradley Cooper felt out of place with the film's slapstick edge - it seemed to be giving the movie some heart, but then it didn't go anywhere, and it just kinda disrupted the tone. Wet Hot American Summer isn't for everyone - it's parodic tone is misguided at times and it is really uneven as a comedy. That being said, I can see the certain messy charm it has to warrant its status as a cult classic.

Mihai M (br) wrote: THE teen movie to see

Cody Y (gb) wrote: GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry C (ru) wrote: Jeff Lieberman's cult film is a horrorthriller about people that experimented with the LSD 'strain' Blue Sunshine and change into bald, psychotic killers, 10 years later. Weird but compelling. Zalman King plays the wrongfully accused man in search for the truth.

Matt K (nl) wrote: This is the most rediculous premise for a film ever... people begin to transform into rhinoceros... and then they do it! It is a very interesting study of humanity, but lacks the comedic flair these two had in The Producers.

Kim A (ca) wrote: By this stage in the long running series the production team seem to have decided that packing in the rude jokes was enough to keep the audience happy. Thus it is that this fails to scale the delerious heights of Cleo or Khyber, but there are still plenty of laughs to be had. There is also some mildly amusing satirising of the attitudes of militant 1970's trade unionists, which serve to date the film rather!

Nicholas A (it) wrote: Mary lou - Joe, some black just moved in down the street.Joe - If you need me I'll be in the basement, polishing my guns.Peter Boyle is phenomenal

Igor B (ag) wrote: Semplicemente un capolavoro! Tutti i personaggi sono stupendi, recitati magistralmente! La comicit ai massimi livelli praticamente in ogni scena, in ogni situazione, anche nelle pi seriose, ma senza mai cadere nel grottesco. Un film memorabile. Chi non l'ha visto vada subito a cercarne una copia!

Aman A (ag) wrote: Great watch for cinegoers who want more out of their movies. it has an uneven pace and quite a lot of tearshed but if you stick with it, the reward would be all worth it. Rufallo's best role i have seen ever