Villa Estrella

Villa Estrella

How come people who go there are never seen again? Does the villa "eat" people alive? The movie tells the story of Ana who has always been having nightmares about certain people getting killed of Madre Na Aswang. Things become scarier when her ex-boyfriend brings her to Villa Estrella where she meets a girl named Gisele who seems to be very familiar to her.

How come people who go there are never seen again? Does the villa "eat" people alive? The movie tells the story of Ana who has always been having nightmares about certain people getting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan E (ag) wrote: Brilliant film. One time watch is not enough. very addictive!! great story, directing and acting!

Brandon W (ca) wrote: Big bleep Spider! is an entertaining B movie that doesn't take itself seriously. It has laughs in it, although not as funny as the jokes were, and the acting sounds like they are having fun with this, especially Greg Grunberg. There was some parts that don't make any sense, but with a premise about a giant spider roaming around killing people, it makes that flaw pointless. There are some effective scares in it, and the effects fit in with B movie thrills. I felt like it could've been more fun and make the plot more absurd in an entertaining way, but it is your usual B movie that viewers would enjoy.

Randy T (br) wrote: A Russian docu-drama that's intriguing for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the BEAUTIFUL and talented Yuliya Vysotskaya. Plus, it's a true story. And it's got Bryan Adams (yes, THAT Bryan Adams!).

Paul D (ru) wrote: An educational short about the history of the rat that uses several different types of animation, all of which help tell an interesting story.

Arief L (au) wrote: Good cartoon fun with plenty of nods to Japanese pop culture.

Niral G (kr) wrote: Intense movie. I really had low expectations and just could not stop watching. The story is fairly simple, but the movie will have you hooked from the beginning to the end. Arshad Warsi was amazing and the rest of the actors did a good job as well.

Charlie M (au) wrote: If I read the script, this show/play/movie would be amazing, but only bc I could imagine the characters as I saw them. This movie doesn't do it for me. It seems too scripted, actors didn't have the freedom to take the reigns as much.... I dunno, just a feeling. I'm not a movie critic.

Ethan W (de) wrote: Not your typical Stiller film. This goes to show that he has some unused talent amongst the 'Duplex' and 'Along Came Polly'-esque garbage that he usually spills out.

Private U (nl) wrote: i could have done with out the sex scenes with Melanie Griffith...she's too old for that kind of thing any more...but then again that might have been the point

April V (br) wrote: Probably my favorite Russel Crowe role. He didn't end up annoying me as much as usual. Pretty violent movie, but skinheads so...that's expected. I'm not sure why this movie was even made, but I think it was good that it was. This is a topic that doesn't get much exploring; it's just usually taken for granted that skinheads are violent racists, and that's all that gets said.

Timeen (nl) wrote: love watching these old movies

Judit B (mx) wrote: I like this film. Funny!

Steve M (fr) wrote: Island of Terror Starring: Edward Judd, Peter Cushing, and Carole Gray Director: Terence Fisher Bone specialist Dr. David West (Judd) and patheologist Dr. Brian Stanley (Cushing) travel to a remote island off the coast of England to help stem an outbreak of a strange disease that seems to be dissolving the very bones of animals and island residents. The soon discover that the island is about to be overrun by gigantic, mobile, mutated cells that survive by sucking calcium and other minerals from their victims. Will the scientists find a to destroy the seemingly indestructable, rapidly multiplying monsters before they kill everything on the island... and then spread to the rest of the world? More importantly, will the lovely Toni (Gray) slap Dr. Stanley for his heavy-handed flirtatious comments? "Island of Terror" is a GREAT monster movie with a fabulous setting and a cast that deliver excellent performances. The movie starts creepy, builts tension steadily, and ends up with an exciting climax where survivors are crammed into a single building for a desperate last stand. It is a classic in every sense of the word, from the Golden Age of sci-fi in at the cinema. I've heard this film compared to the original "Dr. Who" series, both in a favorable and a disparaging sense. I tend to think the comparison is accurate, particularly of the John Pertwee and Tom Baker years. The monsters bear some resemblence in design to many of those we saw on "Dr. Who" (and perhaps they may seem laughable to the "sophisticated" viewer in the 21st century) and the setting, nature, and development of the story is likewise similar to the stories featured on the TV show. However, "Island of Terror" is much better paced, far better acted, and far better filmed than any "Dr. Who" storyline. (I also suspect that a couple of people who have made such comments have had limited exposure to British sci-fi from the 50s and 60s... and so perhaps everything would remind them of "Dr. Who.") If you like monster movies and classic sci-fi films, you owe it to yourself to check out "Island of Terror." Another reason to see it is Peter Cushing's performance. He gets to show off his more comedic side, as his character of Dr. Stanley is a loveable joker who is always playfully hitting on his collegues fiance, Toni.

Ethan P (ag) wrote: Donnie Brasco is a fascinating look at the decline of an agent as he becomes more entangled in the mafia and the softening of an old criminal as he warms up to a new friend. The interplay between Al Pacino and Johnny Depp was fantastic and their character development alone is reason enough to watch the movie. The action is sharp, the story is slick and violent. Donnie Brasco is a fun movie to watch that also carries a lot of depth and emotion too.

Dorianator F (nl) wrote: Pretty bad movie. Predictable with bad acting. But, it had one or two funny parts.

David A (ru) wrote: It was a movie of precisely everything Spielberg and Lucas stood for. Using Ford was the best idea the ever had. I can't imagine another actor lashing a whip with his fedora on. It must have felt good. From the beginning where we get a glimpse of what Indy's life is all about. After that, there is nothing you cannot love about this movie. From whip-cracking action to romanticized comedy. You gotta love Harrison Ford.

Sanjay T (us) wrote: Slow thriller has a somewhat big surprise!

Vinci C (de) wrote: Disturbed...... I'm afraid I will do the same thing in the future .... :D22,Jan 2013 @ home