Villa-Lobos - O Índio de Casaca

Villa-Lobos - O Índio de Casaca


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Villa-Lobos - O Índio de Casaca torrent reviews

Michael K (kr) wrote: Stupid movie. Only some scenes are funny.

Patrick K (de) wrote: This is a pretty good cop drama and shows the corruption inside the NYPD in many different ways. Freddy Heflin (Sylvester Stallone) is the exception as he wants an old case reopened but in the process makes many enemies trying to get what he wants. This is a very character driven piece and shows Freddy's struggles first hand. Great cast overall which allows the good writing and directing really take hold of the screen

Sophie W (fr) wrote: Being one of the most iconic Disney movies of all time, The Lion King already has quite a name for itself. It is truly a 'coming of age# film t be enjoyed by all ages. The music is catchy and widely popular, the characters have an astounding range from comedy, to drama and villainy. Some movies are only as good as their villains, and as Scar poses a very real threat to all other characters, whist still retaining a sense of humour and irony, this film is worth 5 stars.

Roman R (au) wrote: "Orchestra Rehearsal", de Federico Fellini, es una cinta muy corta que practicamente no tiene historia. Se enfoca en una orquesta y la relevancia de los instrumentos para los musicos que los tocan; casi toda la duracion de la pelicula se devota a entrevistas directas con los personajes y al final hay una especie de revolucion social contra el director de la orquesta, quien es un hombre sumamente exigente. "Orchestra Rehearsal" no es un clasico como "8 1/2" sin embargo si nos demuestra que el cine de Fellini es unico y que es capaz de envolvernos hasta con las historias mas simples en apariencia. Recomendable.

Stella D (ca) wrote: wow. james mason is seriously frightening as he slowly loses his grip on reality due to prescription drug addiction. a great look under the idyllic facade of the 50's

Jennifer M (ru) wrote: Surprisingly good. At first I thought it was going to be a weird movie where Richard Gere has an affair with Jennifer Lopez but it was something a lot better and true. Sometimes people want to do something out of character to feel a live again. Anyway I liked it

Cooper H (gb) wrote: The only peace this movie achieves is the feeling it gives you once it's over. Boring and dull, this franchise stumbles to a conclusion without ever progressing the characters relationships.

Jason B (es) wrote: It is ok could be better could be worse