Villa paranoia

Villa paranoia

Med stjerner som Frits Helmuth, Sonja Richter, Sidse Babett Knudsen og selvfølgelig Erik Clausen selv på plakaten, er der lagt i hønsegården til et af Clausens sædvanlige humoristiske og satiriske øjebliksbilleder af dagens Danmark. Anna har meget lidt succes med sit liv og skuespilkarriere, da hønsefarmeren Jørgen overtaler hende til at passe sin alderdomssvækkede og krakilske far, Hr. Walent

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Danish,Serbian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:nurse,   wheelchair,   farm,  

A satire, psychological drama and comedy rolled into one, director Erik Clausen's Villa Paranoia adeptly draws upon rich characters, who demonstrate the values and strength of the human heart, to create a portrait of Denmark today. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rachel B (ag) wrote: Wow! I was crying all the way through. This is an amazing movie. I wish that I taught science or history so I could show it in my classes.

Paul R (kr) wrote: Only one for those interested in the Iraq war from am Iraqi viewpoint. Its a powerful message not that great a watch unsurprisingly, featuring rape, murder, a beheading and a man getting blown up. Atrocities carried out mostly by the US military in this one.Sad, True and disturbing.

Jolle L (jp) wrote: Felt a bit like "The Neverending Story" for a new generation. Meggie, in the end, has reminded me of the Childlike Empress. Would watch it again if it's on TV. Intrigued about the book.

Ahmed M (gb) wrote: While the idea seems brilliant on paper, in a movie, not so much. Also, the fact it didn't have a good story to go with it, characters you did not care about, and very bad-pacing, makes this movie not so great.

devastator9 (ru) wrote: If anyone considers this film worth a viewing then please let me know. So far I have not found anyone that says it is.

Krist V (it) wrote: Aardige film over de 'lagen' van mensen die langzaam afgepeld worden. Na een tijdje gaat het, ofschoon het crescendo gaat, toch wat vervelen.

Joseph H (gb) wrote: was decent,some funny parts,not that great.

Denise A (kr) wrote: Didn't even know this movie existed. I want to see it!

Sachit T (br) wrote: Not the best but you cannot not watch a movie with Morgan Freeman in it.

Divya K (us) wrote: Taste of Cherry looks and sounds like pretty ascetic stuff, but it is surprisingly, even extraordinarily gratifying, as one of the great introspective pieces in the world cinema.

Film S (ru) wrote: This movie, albeit cheesy, shouldn't be relegated to the depths of trash-dom. Poignant one liners, exploitative stereotypes, and a cohesive story line (points in the beginning have relevance in the end) make it worth viewing when the cheesy slapstick mood strikes.

Karen T (kr) wrote: I LIKED.CHARMING,FUNNY

Andrea B (fr) wrote: I remember really liking it as a kid but I probably need to rewatch.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Almost farcical (and not very funny) comedy from Frankie Howerd, although he provides a few good lines in his own inimitable style. This is also Bob Hoskins' first ever film, although blink and you'll miss him as he only has one line.

Chris A (jp) wrote: One of Ford's most underrated and under-seen films. A masterpiece.

Nelson P (it) wrote: It's hardly the exploitation masterpiece so many claim to to be, but it still goes further than most horror movies of its kind. It's not even close to artistic and horrific nature of SALO', its more of tongue-and-cheek version of a exploitation movie, lacking the beautiful and sadistic quality of SALO'.

Lanky Man P (gb) wrote: Oh Danny Trejo and zombies... how disappointing.

Wayne K (us) wrote: A film that split audiences when it was released had a very similar effect on myself. To begin with I was very optimistic, witnessing an opening that suggests the film intends to analyse the mind of one who has endured prolonged systematic abuse, the effects it has on their current life, the interactions with people around them, a true friend who tries to understand them and help them cope with what they've been through and still have to face on the road to recovery. It has potential, and may have been very interesting, but when I was subjected to a series of jump scares, gory deaths and that classic movie trope of imagining something horrible is happening only to discover it's a dream, my optimism sagged. It's elevated somewhat by a powerful lead performance and some of the most convincing make up I've ever seen in a film. But like The Human Centipede, it takes a premise that's silly but strangely plausible and suffocates it under a blanket of unpleasant images and ceaseless violence. But while Centipede was an equal opportunities gore-fest, here the brutality is doled out solely on the female, giving the film a strong air of misogyny that makes things more than a little uncomfortable. The spiritual philosophies in the movie are poorly explored and simply don't justify the last half hour, which looks it was filmed by a real life torture murderer. The camerawork is often clumsy and characterisation is virtually non-existent. I wouldn't watch it again & I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Expect maybe someone I didn't like very much.

J B (ru) wrote: Dull and derivative.