Village lo Vinayakudu

Village lo Vinayakudu

Karthik (Krishnudu) runs a play school in Hyderabad and his girl friend Kavya is a doctor. Kavya goes to her village Rajolu to stay with her combined family to attend the engagement of her ...

Karthik (Krishnudu) runs a play school in Hyderabad and his girl friend Kavya is a doctor. Kavya goes to her village Rajolu to stay with her combined family to attend the engagement of her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Soraya (ca) wrote: Spud is a total stud. John Cleese was great as the English teacher.

David H (it) wrote: A funny and social critic Movie about a World under the Earth it critizes the Modern Japan where the People forgive to live of all the Work and live a recurring Scheme and didn't see the World outside there

Dan H (mx) wrote: Great, great movie. It's simply impossible to get a movie like this in American or British cinema. The humor, acting, shots, locations, hell... movie, is very Polish, not to mention the great, great actors. It seems as if you see the same faces in all Polish movies, but then again, that's true everywhere. Though nearly nobody I know has seen this movie, or has any incentive to see it other than this recommendation, if you can find it dubbed or with subtitles, definately watch it. It's a gem of a film and deserves all the cult praise it recieves. This film brought me back like crazy. It is synonymous with my childhood. I grew up with this movie, I lived with those faces, in that world, I listened to that music. Wspanialy film. Smieszny jak cholera. Nic takiego w Amerykanskim kinie nie ma. Jezeli jestes Polakiem i jeszcze tego nie widziales, po co czytasz moje bzdory. Lec do sklepu i kup se Kilera. Pazura jes wspanialy, jak zwykle, tak samo jest Suhr. Na tym filmie wychowany zostalem.

Kuti M (nl) wrote: On the surface, this is a mindless, fast-paced, gory popcorn movie. You can watch it as such, and you can definitely enjoy it as such. It is laced with a deeper meaning, though, and if you care to understand, that an any war, the enemy is always the "insects", it gains a much more sinister and philosophical meaning. I honestly think Verhoeven understands the fascist tones of the book and plays on them in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

James W (ca) wrote: This film is hauntingly beautiful in its ability to touch you with out using too many words. It takes you directly into the intimate territory of saddness and loss. Beautiful cinematography

Lenny R (gb) wrote: They shaved Chuck! WHY??!! Otherwise surprisingly good.

Maurice B (br) wrote: A classic vette flick!

Issac L (de) wrote: This is one world-class piece of work desperately in the waiting line for a BluRay revamp, watched this Kurosawa's Soviet Union film in DVD format, the quality is discouraging, but the film speaks for itself in shedding bells and whistles and homing in on a camaraderie between a Soviet military explorer and a seasoned local hunter among the bleak Ussuri inhospitable region. Storyline-aside, it is another Kurosawa's awesome visual spectacle, a tremendous field shooting endeavor, epitomizes by the sun-moon co-existence with solemn placidness, furthermore, it is a hymn to mother nature, Dersu personifies as the harmonious co-habitant of the mighty wilderness, a sublime soul with well-versed survival skills, on the contrary to my recent watched documentary TOUCHING THE VOID (2003, 8/10), DERSU UZALA owns a purer and more admirable prospect, instead of conquering the insurmountable to chase a spur of glory and invincibility, it is far more intrepid and unpretentious to be a part of it with reverence and be respectful to its law and act, in addition to its indefatigable undertone against industrialized modernism (it is the brand-new rifle, a token of friendship, actually wreaks the somber demise of Dersu). Strictly speaking, there is merely two characters in the film, Dersu (Munzuk) and the Russian Captain (Solomin), a bond is tenably formed through their expedition in the wild, from lush jungle to walking-on-the-thin-ice frozen river, the life-saving bravado during a squalling night when they lost their track on a snow land or a torrent peril, Kurosawa moulds a great range of topography with taut excitement where it is required. The character study of Dersu also is been executed through the observation and the interaction from Captain (viewers' proxy), who is enthralled by Dersu's simple yet ethereal nature, a rare bird may or may not be extinct now. The dual-acting from Munzuk and Solomin is the fruit of naturalistic emancipation and unassuming engagement. Also a memorable presence is Isaak Shvarts's accompanying score segues from lithe to menacing, eerie to sonorous, with Russian folklore and shanty as well.Being a Chinese, I cannot avoid mentioning the sensitive timing (after China and Japan's rapprochement in 1972 and China and Soviet Union's dispute in 1969) of the film-making, which prompted an accusation from Chinese government concerns a so-called political libel on Chinese people, mainly by vilifying Hunhutsi (which literally means red beard in Mandarin) as the villain and the nature-balance defier. But honestly, this episode is largely overstated since there is no direct confrontation at all in the film, at least for my compatriots, don't let this smokescreen blinds your eyes, DERSU UZALA is a spirited ethnological oeuvre could inspire whoever has a chance to watch it, preferably on a big screen or at least a BluRay edition.

Billie P (au) wrote: Halloween II continues the story of the original '78 film. In this film, we find out that Michael Myers is particularly after Laurie Strode and this is because of a deep family secret. His whole mission for coming back to Haddonfield, Illinois is, we discover, to get Laurie.The main setting for the film is a hospital, where we see sexually charged nurses and orderlies neglecting their duties and Dr Loomis, Myers' former therapist, hopping on scene to play hero. Laurie for her part faces more challenges than the first film, only this time, she is learning to get tougher. Still, by the end she is still a Scream Queen, horror movies' version of a damsel in distress.

Carlos M (nl) wrote: A solid alternate story that ought to leave most trekkies and aficionados with major goosebumps thanks to its many awesome and well-inspired references - which compensate for how formulaic and intensely action-oriented it aims to be above everything else.

Beau D (fr) wrote: Mostly schlock, though it is impressive how this movie jumps genres from sexploitation, to slasher, to rock biopic, to the great random moralizing at the end. Mainly just sexploitation, though.