Villervalle i Söderhavet

Villervalle i Söderhavet

Villervalles dad is a nutrition specialist at Unesco, he is sent to some Pacific islands to investigate if there is starvation there. The family insists on coming along on the trip.

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Oskar B (kr) wrote: The premise is interesting and really works its first minutes. But as the story drags on a bit you can find continuity errors and character misplacement. It all seemed a little far fedched and everything did not work. It looked pretty great but everything else was less astounding. I respected it for its little use of jump scares and went for tension, altough I was never thrilled because there was no tension. Acting was fine but not hing special. And it was very slow paced altough very much was happening it dragged.

Sarah S (br) wrote: A rather bleak look at those who suffer from Lyme Disease, its origins and some controversial treatment that has the medical world in conflict. I found it interesting and informative. I really had no idea how much these people suffer. It will make me think twice about wearing shorts in the bush...

Jeff D (us) wrote: Snow Angels is a well shot drama with good performances from everyone in the cast. The subject matter here is nothing new which makes this David Gordon Green drama one of his lesser efforts.

Ariba K (nl) wrote: Dhoom is just great. I loved it and you'll live Dhoom 2!

Melody M (ag) wrote: I really liked the ending of this movie. Seriously. If you think about it, there is a lot beneath the surface here. Also, I majorly identify with the Arab chick. I forget her name.

Seth G (kr) wrote: Suspenseful , bloody , and smart . this movie is a great horror movie .

Giovanni M (ru) wrote: Tedious action sequences, relentlessly cruel, and visually dull, Death Race is a movie that is so completely dumb that it's insulting.

Mikeal A (nl) wrote: A brilliant film depicting the unlikely friendship between two women with literally nothing in common. Brenda (Pounder) runs the Bagdag Gas and Oil Cafe and has just thrown her good-for-nothing husband Sal out when Jasmine (Sagebrecht) checks in after having just quarreled with her now-estranged husband. Touching, funny and wholly involving, Bagdad Cafe will draw you in and leave you wanting to spend your next vacation as a guest!

Alice S (es) wrote: This mockumentary about a human chameleon who is able to change race, appearance, and professional demeanor at will is rather clever with the "archive footage," the smoooth 'n smarmy radio-voiced "narrator," and the "cameo interviews" with actual famous literati, but the movie tips on the tightrope of Woody Allen's slapstick inanity and Woody Allen's in-depth human analysis without ever transcending to the latter.I'm not one for blanket political correctness, but if you're gonna use blackface and slant-eyed make-up, you've gotta say something narratively relevant and not just treat it as a gag. There's so much social and cultural critique to be mined for both smart comedy and introspective pathos: people's prejudices toward different races, the knowledge of one's own race as the Other, the oftentimes unquestioned authority of those in respected professions, et cetera. The fictional Dr. Eudora Fletcher states that to the untrained observer, Zelig's faux-psychiatrist sounds realistic, but he's really just deploying cliched lingo. It would follow that Zelig adopts different stereotypical speech patterns for different races or classes, but all of this "research" is presented in silent "archive footage," not some tour de force bit of spoof acting like Robert Downey Jr.'s in "Tropic Thunder." Nothing changes within Woody or Zelig to actually BECOME or even inhabit another personality, which is sadly unsurprising since Woody Allen seems incapable of playing anyone other than Woody Allen. (And anyway, mimicking Dr. Fletcher is technically a plothole because Zelig's chameleonic power doesn't work with or on women.)Without grounding in what it actually means to "pass" as a different race, class, or other distinction, this lightweight premise and execution is almost as insulting as Woody's blind man bit in "Hollywood Ending."

Jason S (jp) wrote: Plays with the conventions of martial arts films of the era, and examines the meanings of friendship. The action is pretty decent also of course. A surprisingly thought provoking and satisfying movie.

Mattias E (fr) wrote: Great early work hardly even recognizable as Kieslowski. Bears not a little resemblance to British realists. Draws heavily on the director's own experiences as a documentary film maker. The somewhat quirky Jerzy Stuhr is superb as the ordinary worker who becomes a filmmaker almost by accident, and begins to see the world differently while at the same time loses the grip on his own personal life. A brilliant satire on the process of filmmaking itself.

Tony B (mx) wrote: I had caught some of this film before on TV years ago but actually forgot much of it and surprised I did after seeing the whole thing now. It's a seemingly over-the-top story that is actually based on true events with amazing performances by Al Pacino and much of the cast and great directing by Lumet. Definitely a classic '70s film and must see.

Jon P (mx) wrote: Splicing Western and Eastern cinematic tropes into a grey gangster-tale that's quintessentially Korean, Kwak Kyung-Taek's acclaimed drama is a contrived yet compelling exploration of companionship, loyalty and coming-of-age philosophy. Kyung-Taek handles his relationships, violence and conflicts gently with a sweet, yet sombre touch and chiseled balance, yet it isn't always enough to shroud the script's didactic dialogue and selective character focus, both of which make for a tough and taxing watch. In all, it's refreshingly unpredictable and inharmoniously flawed; not unalike the nuanced characters it portrays.

Bo E (jp) wrote: Good movie, but i'm not into all those flashbacks.