Vînatoarea de vulpi

Vînatoarea de vulpi


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Keith T (jp) wrote: This is the worst.... best movie ever. Seriously.... redbox or netflix this movie just to see some of the worst acting and worst plot ever.

Frdric H (ru) wrote: one of the best jesse stone ! Very enjoyable like all the rest :)

Gerry B (jp) wrote: One of the greatest films NWR has ever made. And likely always will be his best.

Private U (fr) wrote: i dont know y i became addicted to this movie after i first saw it.after that i have seen this movie atleast some 20-25 times. the emotoins are so spectacularly drawn. if there were 100 stars to rate it i would given all for this movie. it would be rather simple to say i love this movie. i lived the movie each time i watched it. oh no words describe the feelings i get when the movie finishes.........

David B (fr) wrote: Love the fleeting use of Galliano-Portal in this. Demonstrates the sad end of those who cling too tightly to tradition, even if that tradition is "G-d Wrestling".

Mital R (mx) wrote: A REAL GEM...MUST SEE FOR ALL INDIANS !!!

Matthew W (kr) wrote: Great shots, and meaning.Lots of japanese culture.

Ryan L (ca) wrote: Yep, I can agree with the majority. This is just another run of the mill mockumentary that rips several horror classics. I won't bother a second watch.

Wes T (nl) wrote: Think Like A Man Too gives us the usual Vegas and romcom cliches, but still manages to have a little fun along the way.

Gabe S (es) wrote: Odd "old neighborhood" tale with a memorably menacing turn by a whacked out John Turturro.