Karthik (Krishnudu), the obese guy joins in an ad designing company. Girls tend to keep him away from them due to his odd personality. He finds a girl Kalpana (Sonia) interesting in that company. She too shuns him initially and also cracks lots of jokes on his physical appearance. But the soft hearted Karthik wins the heart of arrogant Kalpana with his immaculate attitude. Finally, the egoistic Kalpana falls in love with Karthik unknowingly. On the other hand, the love track of Sandhya (Poonam) and Altaf (Surya Tej) runs separately. Shalini (Ankitha) is a character that's used as catalyst to elevate the character of Karthik.

Karthik (Krishnudu), the obese guy joins in an ad designing company. Girls tend to keep him away from them due to his odd personality. He finds a girl Kalpana (Sonia) interesting in that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sausages M (jp) wrote: Much funnier, and more entertaining than "Bloodrayne Nazis" or whatever it's called- the film it's taking the piss out of. Some jokes fall flat, but Willam doing what he does best makes up for it. Yes, he's camping it up here to great effect. Probably the best film Uwe Boll has ever made. That's right, his best film is a parody of one of his other films. Yup.

neil L (mx) wrote: One of my favourite new movies.

Fran P (mx) wrote: Josh Hartnett is the main reason why I watched this film. The vampire aspect comes second because I miss "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" so much. This could've been a great flick if it stopped trying to be like "28 Days Later," especially with the soundtrack. What I liked best about this film is the tone: it's consistenly menacing because the shadows and the snow became their own character. I didn't like the foreign vampires at all, which I initially assumed to be Russian. I didn't like the ending that much because I thought it was an easy way out. I also didn't like the way the vampires would kill people and how the camera would shake relentlessly. Still, I didn't hate the movie. I simply thought it was okay. It's not worth going to the cinema for but it is more than enough for a Netflix rental.

Matt L (mx) wrote: Really excellent. It's a take on the Helen Keller story and after watching a couple of his films, I have to say Sanjay Bhansali is one of my favorite directors. The man is a poet when it comes to the moving image. He crafts sets, scenes, lighting cues, every frame is a work of art. Bachchan gives a great performance here, but that's something I've come to expect. The real surprise for me was Rani Mukherjee, who seemed like a lightweight in 'Bunty Aur Babli' but excels here in a challenging and quite limiting role as Michelle. These two *are* this movie, the world merely spins around them.

Logan V (es) wrote: This movie is very overlooked in all honesty it's actually hilarious and reinvented shock humor and that's why I think people hated this film is because they couldn't quite grasp Tom Green's comedic approach to things and if they did than this film wouldn't be considered awful.

Sergey M (gb) wrote: I know, that it is a low quality movie, but I had so much fun watching it, that I'll give it a 'fresh' rating.

Sameer V (mx) wrote: Weird movie. weird weird movie. But, if you're a fan of Benecio Del Toro's crotch, this is your friggin' Avatar. One and a half star for Del Toro's acting (when the camera is above his waist) and a nice little sequence in the desert where Benecio is trying to impress Cruz with a Yamaha that I quite liked for some reason.

Jeff Z (it) wrote: This mess of a Sean Connery movie tries to be very smart and very funny but ends up leaden and dull. Probably the most significant moments come at the end: when a bomb, supposedly planted by Arab terrorists is discovered on top of the World Trade Center! Then later Sean Connery tosses off the bad toupee he was wearing throughout the film before he parachutes from an airplane.

Silke B (ca) wrote: Raoul decides, that his wife Solange needs another man to satisfy her and to get her out of her lethargy. He chats up Stephane in a restaurant and Stephane agrees to join the relationship. But instead of meeting Solange's needs, he becomes Raoul's friend. They both develop a great male bonding, Solange stays as unhappy as she was before. The men really try to cheer her up and work very hard on that. They even have a fuck-schedule, but can't get her satisfied. She stays as depressed as she was before.Solange finally begins to bloom, when a fourth person enters the relationship. The 13-year-old Christian. What starts as a mother/son relationship, soon becomes a sexual one. And Solange finally finds the fulfillment she was seeking for.A wonderful movie. Grard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere always make a movie worthwhile for me. And Bertrand Blier understands it perfectly to develop the characters reasonably. Situational humour, little twists and turns and a soothing atmosphere make me want to change my life. Live it more spontaneous and to the fullest.

Tino P (es) wrote: An elegant, colorful adaptation of the beloved stage play is elevated to new heights thanks to winning performances by Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison.

CJ C (br) wrote: Bob, Bing, Dorothy & The Andrews Sisters in Brazil. So funny.

Marnie Z (gb) wrote: A bit slow at times but I'd watch again just for Lee Marvin :)

Harry W (gb) wrote: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion would not be the type of film I would be watching if I wasn't in love with Phoebe Buffay from Friends, portrayed by star Lisa Kudrow.Romy and Michele's High School Reunion was interesting. Its clearly a film directed more at the teenage female audience and its jokes range from hit and miss to cringe-worthy at times, as well as the fact that it is an openly predictable and cliche film. Yet the charms of its two leads are just too good to pass up.Lisa Kudrow's natural charm she showed us all on Friends and Mira Sorvino's talents which won her an Academy Award for Mighty Aphrodite are brought down to a sitcom level for cheap laughs in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, and its actually pretty entertaining. Their chemistry is so impeccably natural that it essentially overshadows the many of the negative elements in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. They put a charming comedic twist on an unoriginal and overused story, and it becomes entertaining even to some of the most critical of viewers. The characters Romy and Michele are just so full of vibrant life that they ensure that the story completely revolves around them, an they manage to carry the film entirely on their own through David Mirkin's half assed direction and Robin Schiff's overly basic script. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion isn't a film you can really say too much about. Its titular characters are great, Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino's comedic talents are charming, and that's enough to carry Romy and Michele's High School Reunion with its colourful costumes and decent cinematography over its many shortcomings