Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art

Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:18 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art 1962 full movies, Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art torrents movie

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Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art torrent reviews

Brendan B (fr) wrote: Well-paced, genuine, great balance of bittersweet. Earnest, but has its edges, too. All players hit it right (except CJ's Dad). Well done.

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Ken S (es) wrote: After working on "Robocop 3", Frank Miller was pretty jaded about the film industry. As a result he had no interest in allowing his baby (Sin City) to get adapted to the big screen. But Robert Rodriguez showed him not only could it be done, but it could be done really well. So Miller gets bit by the directing bug, and his first solo project is "The Spirit". "Sin City" was this great movie because it was a perfect adaptation of the original comics...its tone, style, characters, story...they were all direct adaptations. But this looks nothing like the original comic, it looks like "Sin City". The Octopus from the comics was a man only seen by his gloves, here he is seen so much and he is as over the top as you can imagine. The Spirit himself was just a regular guy fighting the good fight, here he has the superpower of healing and came back from the dead. This is very different from the comic it was adapting, and as a result it is pretty terrible. The funny thing is Frank Miller was once quoted as saying something about how much a movie suffers the further it gets from the source material. He proved his theory right here. The acting is bad, the movie's plot is completely unintelligible, and the movie wasn't nearly as much fun, or even as smart, as it would have liked to pretend it was.

Dana B (de) wrote: This is mandatory viewing for all freedom loving people, for all Americans. See how we're being ripped off by the Federal Reserve illegally. Watch this film!

Kate S (ru) wrote: Painfully bad fantasy, like a teenage wet dream...

Raaj C (it) wrote: If you thought that Home Alone 3 was bad, wait 'till you check THIS turd out. You that the Home Alone Franchise is quite similar to the 90s Batman Franchise and Superman films? First film was great, second one was decent, third one was meh, and the forth one is the one that makes you want to throw yourself out the window! That's right boys and girls, Home Alone 4 is the "Batman and Robin" or the "Superman 4" of the Home Alone franchise, it is that bad. The franchise goes back to the Kevin McAllister kid, who is NOT played by Macaulay Culkin (thank god), but is replace by a really terrible child actor, Mike Weinberg. This kid is so bad that he makes Jake Lloyd look like Morgan Freeman when comparing the terrible acting ability. Sure Jake is bad, but he is not as bad as the vomit inducing acting that will be experience when watching this movie. Kevin's parents are spilt up, which makes no sense as they had a pretty decent relationship in the original 2, and the father is about to marry some rich girl whose backstory is never explained. The house is like a still robot that takes orders via remote control which is just as stupid as it sounds. MARV AND SOME RANDOM CHICK TRY TO BREAK IN AND STEAL STUFF, BUT NOT DONE RIGHT!!!! ALSO MARV ISN'T PLAYED BY DANIEL STERN! HE IS PLAYED BY THAT SQUINTY EYED IDIOT FROM THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN! How dare they. That is it I am rapping it up! The film is terrible! This is a direct to video film and sometimes they can be a hit-or-miss for me, but this was just a waste of my LIFE! It is not well directed, not well acted, doesn't stay true to form of what Home Alone truly is. Also, the timeline in this movie is completely corrupt no looks like their Home Alone 1 and 2 counterparts. Kids in this movie are YOUNGER than what they SHOULD BE! Bottom line, don't see this movie. It is a the ONLY Christmas movie that shouldn't be watched by ANYONE!

Leong C (br) wrote: Nice little conversational flick, meaningful, touching....

Cameron F (es) wrote: Amusing look at the lives of Brooklyn youth who engage in a riot on the hottest day of the year. Danny Aiello was overlooked at Oscar time in what is arguably his best performance of an otherwise outstanding acting career.

Neil A (it) wrote: funny, cheap and bizarre

Mike B (nl) wrote: A strange port manteau woven together by the excellent Burgess Merideth. Just a shame that he, Cushing (amazing as always), and Palance are let down by a shockingly terrible supporting cast. Some of the stories are creepy, all are silly (cue the attack of the jealous grand piano!). If you like your horror in a Hammer style this is worth a watch. But you're more likely to chuckle than scream.

John C (kr) wrote: A gritty but uncompromising tale of revenge, the raw power of Dead Man's Shoes reaches great heights but doesn't quite know what to do once it has made it to the top.