Vinil Verde

Vinil Verde

Mother gives Daughter a box full of old, colored little vinyl records. Daughter may listen to them, but she should never, ever, play the green one.

Mother gives Daughter a box full of old| colored little vinyl records. Daughter may listen to them| but she should never| ever| play the green one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron R (jp) wrote: This has more insane action, extreme gore, and hardcore thrills than anything else out there, and I also give it bonus points for its nod to sleeping dogs, this is the best action movie EVER!!!!!!, along with the raid: redemption of course ;-)

Vincent L (kr) wrote: Love love love Werner Herzog...

Danielle P (it) wrote: I get that it was supposed to be shocking because its so realistic, but its just boring. Not sure why they bothered banning it.

Daniel M (jp) wrote: Rather Lousy CGI. Bland acting. Cheesy dialogues. Even as a child who loved Ben 10, this movie was a dud.

Tomas K (br) wrote: Pirmasis "The Revenant" rezisieriaus darbas - suns ir zmogaus krauju nutaskyta istorija apie kelius ir klystkelius link meiles.

Chris E (us) wrote: Worth seeing BHN just to understand how atrocious it is. Farley had his moments, but this aint one of em.

BornLatiN QuEeN Of DefIanT dePreSsion (de) wrote: My fav movie of all time!!!

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Eric H (es) wrote: Aw, the 80s, back when horror meant more than the tiresome sh*t seen these days. As an avid horror aficionado, I take great pride in saying I am a man who's seen far too many of them but does not care one bit.This film, known by too many damn titles, for me ranks up there with the work of Sam Raimi and George A. Romero. As anyone knows, the horror genre itself can be broken into many subgenres, among them the vampire, supernatural, your apt creature feature and perhaps the most famous being the zombie genre. These zombies are of a different brand. These are not the shoot 'em in the head, entrail-loving variety most are accustom to. These, in a sense, are a more supernatural undead.There's a fine line between genuine and generic, unforgettable and dull, and this film leaves quite a mark. Like Romero, the movie's prime directive is to instill a macabre atmosphere, and this movie does it so extremely well. The gore is secondary to the visuals, not the other way round, but the blood and guts are still really fantastically done. Helping this along is a set of everyday characters forced to embark on a chilling trail of suspense and a true sense of religious cataclysm. Director Lucio Fulci knows how to take a relatively small budget and use it in the best way possible. And another highlight is the score by Fabio Frizzi, which haunts and has an awesome vintage feel about it.See this movie!!

Davis F (gb) wrote: A highly unintelligible film that plays in out a beautiful stream-of-consciousness style. There's an image-narrative in there somewhere but it's hard to glean exactly what it is and what is going on. The compositions and use of color in this film are fluorescent and incredible, particularly for the age of the film (1969) and the film's country of origin. The images will stay with you in an intuitive way, but it's very difficult to intellectualize or decipher what they mean, but they certainly are very viscerally moving. Like most of Paradjanov's work -- the film centers around peasant life in central Eurasia (Armenia this time) and so the visuals are inspired by that environment and culture. The vignettes call to mind the sinister Bruegel paintings of Dutch peasant life (if Dutch peasant life hadn't been so drab and monochromatic).

Joyce H (us) wrote: delightful British black comedy

Kevin S (it) wrote: A couple that is having difficulties with their marriage have their friends and their wives/girlfriend join them at an island retreat as they try to resolve the problems in their marriage. Thinking that they can have all the fun they want they discover they can only do certain things and are on a schedule and aren't having the fun they thought they were going have. The story and acting were good enough as well as it being pretty funny in certain spots to make the movie a success but there were times were they try to hard to make you laugh and it just is not funny at all. I was suprised to see Peter Billingsley (Ralphie from A Christmas Story) is the one who directed this which makes me respect the movie much more in a way. The movie is funny and entertaining and Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn were at their best and provided enough laughs for the movie to be enjoyable enough.

Lee H (jp) wrote: Inspiring. The Rock rocks as usual.

Alex V (mx) wrote: Haha you jokin right!?!!

Steph M (au) wrote: this movie is sooo very old but is really good !!!