A couple leaves the civilized world behind and descends into a living nightmare in this chilling horror thriller. Six months after losing her only child in the Southeast Asia tsunami, Jeanne (Emmanuelle Beart, Mission: Impossible) is convinced she sees him in a film about orphans living in the jungles

A couple are looking for their child who was lost in the tsunami - their search takes them to the dangerous Thai-Burmese waters, and then into the jungle, where they face unknown but horrifying dangers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vinyan torrent reviews

Andrew P (au) wrote: Finally got to see this "Korean Top Gun" film starring Rain. The movie starts out slow then picks up towards the end. The movie actually has similarities to several movies and TV shows all mixed into one including Top Gun, Behind Enemy Lines, The Rock, and the animation Robotech. So if you are a fan of the above then this one would be worth watching. I give this movie 4 stars for overall entertainment value but ding it 1 star for originality.

Joyce R (au) wrote: So bad I could cry. Why Nastassja why? Billy Baldwin is talentless and gross.

David W (it) wrote: Ia! Dagon! Ia! Y'ha-nthlei!

Millo T (ca) wrote: The music is great, and the combination of it with the scenes of film making are very good. However, although being a good graphic document of all the problems around making a movie, the script of the story is not good enough to be a masterpiece. You will love it if you are a great fan of how cinema works inside, but don't look for much more.

Martin S (au) wrote: Assez interessant quoique peu credible par moment... :)

Les G (ca) wrote: The dancing is wonderful and the plot is fun to watch unfold. The supporting cast are outstanding as are Fred and Ginger.

Courtney S (ag) wrote: Wow. One of the first films to ever address homosexuality - and of course Magnes Hirschfeld is involved (my favorite gay, Jewish, socialist sexologist!)

Simon D (jp) wrote: There are kitchen sink dramas that are still capable of lifting your spirits and this is not one of them. Having such a miserable sour-faced old cow as Mrs Hammond as the leading love interest makes no sense. Any bloke in their right mind would scarper at the first possible opportunity leaving two fingers lingering in the air (and possibly something unpleasant on her freshly scrubbed kitchen floor). A thoroughly depressing experience.