Warhol's strange interpretation of "A Clockwork Orange."

Warhol's strange interpretation of "A Clockwork Orange." Includes Gerard dancing to the Martha and the Vandellas classic "Nowhere to Run" and being tortured by professional sadists. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasser J (mx) wrote: If I can submit a no star review I would do it

Nico B (ca) wrote: Un peu rchauff, mais la scne du Nazi Von Zimmel la fin qui rappelle Shylock du Marchand de Venise de Shakespeare est gniale.

Brian W (nl) wrote: The best part of this film is seeing Nathan Phillips get his clothes off......

Andy R (nl) wrote: Found this on Netflix Instant Queue and after spending half an hour trying to find a decent, short movie that neither of us had seen, my girlfriend and I finally settled on this one.It's not bad! But it's not great, either. If you've had any serious relationships, you can surely relate to some portion of the film. It's British and has a quirky, independent film feeling to it. The cheesiness that almost made me turn it off a few minutes in eventually grew on me, and I also grew to appreciate the strange artistic metaphors.Probably not the best couple movie. It portrays failed relationships rather than cute, successful ones. But there's stuff you can relate to and plenty of intimate/silly relationship humor thrown in too.Not a must-see, not a can't-see. If you can't decide on a Netflix movie and really want to watch one, it might be worth your while.

Mike C (ca) wrote: Boooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggg

Greg W (ca) wrote: one of the gr8ist african film makers

Daniel K (au) wrote: Cute. The heist itself wasn't too realistic, but it was amusing and intriguing.

The Movie G (us) wrote: Fantastic movie and hilariously funny. Best movie yet of 2013.

Jamie C (de) wrote: Ok we all knew it wasn't going to be great or memorable but some jokes are funny, Not many but it's more of a family, It did feel like a comedy remake of Die Hard at times, It's nothing great but maybe kids will enjoy it more.

Paul D (us) wrote: Nice effects and has some moments, but it's another weak sequel for the franchise.

Rendan L (mx) wrote: Wiener Dog has an outstanding cast and some stunning visuals yet it's weighed down by a sloppy script and poor characterization that often doesn't amount to anything more than stereotypes. Grade: C-