Violent Saturday

Violent Saturday

Three men case a small town very carefully, with plans to rob the bank on the upcoming Saturday, which turns violent and deadly.

A number of otherwise insignificant small-town stories erupt into drama when a gang of hoodlums decides to rob the local bank. A father looking for pride in his son's eyes, a timid clerk who is a peeping tom by night, a man striving to rewin his wife's love, an Amish farmer faced with viciousness, and a proper older woman turned thief, all find themselves entangled with the bank robbers as a peaceful weekend turns violent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elisa T (jp) wrote: Il y a un pele-mele d'idees on ne sait plus trop... Heureusement Vanessa Paradis porte le film...

Lesek M (de) wrote: Nice history to tell...!!!

Sammy I (fr) wrote: had potential and was sad but failed to be a good movie, was a bit too kiddish for me.

Wagner N (kr) wrote: There are a lot of interesting remarks from Goebbels' personal diary regarding his increasing devotion to the Fuhrer. Specially good for people that knows the WWII chronology.

Mark S (fr) wrote: below average thriller.

Matt M (ca) wrote: A Montana man distressed over the suicide of a friend whose wife he was having an affair with befriends a serial killer who never touches him, but won't leave him alone. Dark comedy and thriller mix well, though sometimes the screenplay gets awkward and a little over the lines. Vaughn as the closely psychotic serial killer is one of the elements worth watching the movie for.

Jonathan M (fr) wrote: Pretty good band, but dont care about the movie.

Cameron F (fr) wrote: Lt. Frank Drebin seeks revenge against the man responsible for killing his partner; Mr. Bigg. This is a spoof of cop shows and if you think the Zucker team couldn't top "Airplane" , you'll be proven wrong.

Laura B (nl) wrote: Gary oldman and Kevin bacon together again, great acting, movie isn't great but isn't bad either

Kevin M (us) wrote: The classic that so many have tried to imitate

Filippo V (ca) wrote: L'interesse per la religione di Aronofsky, manifestato in altri suoi film, si fonde con la matematica, la scienza per eccellenza, creando un film che arriva a trattare temi quasi metafisici. Visivamente, con il bianco e nero ed un effetto sgranato molto spinto, si riesce a conferire un'atmosfera sinistra, che incarna perfettamente le emozioni provate dall'enigmatico protagonista. Come primo lungometraggio del regista il risultato davvero convincente e merita di essere ricordato come il re dei film a basso budget.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: It's been a long time since Adam Sandler made a funny comedy and I must admit this film is really funny it's silly funny like most of his films, Adams acting kind of reminded me of Peter Griffin, The story itself and other bits in the film are wrong on so many levels but it works and makes the film better and Vanilla Ice was brilliant, Overall Adam Sandler's funniest film to date in a long time.