Violent Shit II

Violent Shit II

Drilled by his deranged mother, Karl the Butcher jr. takes revenge for the gruesome death of his father. Anyone who sets foot on the forest has to die. Hold on to your limbs as Karl jr. slaughter his victims to some amazing tunes of terror. Decapitation is just the beginning...

Drilled by his deranged mother, Karl the Butcher jr. takes revenge for the gruesome death of his father. Anyone who sets foot on the forest has to die. Hold on to your limbs as Karl jr. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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felipe m (it) wrote: A realidade arrasadora de um pas aos pedaos. Essa a maior "mensagem" do filme, o resto historinha.

Jason G (es) wrote: Somewhat disappointing with all the big guns involved. Perhaps I just don't understand the "talk to the dead" trope, where movie characters often seem to want to talk to a dead loved one for the sole purpose of having said dead person tell them to move on with their life.

Lee H (us) wrote: A wonderfully done masterpiece of nature, brilliantly produced and narrated.

Ralph C (nl) wrote: its not the best but its not the worst, kinda like saw and hostel but not as gorey.

Jennifer B (ag) wrote: Nominated for best documentary

Sylvester K (ag) wrote: Melodramatic film that can be easily avoided. The summary of this film is highly inaccurate because it's not tense at all. Everyone had good Southern accents :3 It wasn't too bad, but not good either. Jay Jablonski really can't act, despite the good looks.

Maggie L (kr) wrote: I've heard Aaron Kwok's acting is a "must-see" in this one. It's unbelievably shitty.

Vaughan A (mx) wrote: so bad it's strangely good

Justin O (nl) wrote: Not a bad drama at all but greatly exaggerated parts hurts this film's credibility.

Scott A (jp) wrote: One of the best westerns, second only to Young Guns 2!!! A great cast here, with a nice updated score to serve the youthful leads and the action.Estevez flat out steals the show here, but everyone is good. Even the bad guys get some juicy roles to dig into.Jack Palance is a GREAT bad guy, and look really hard and you will find a young Tom Cruise cameo in the final gun fight.A lot of good action scenes to keep the pace going as well.

Les E (br) wrote: Great. What inspiration and hope this must have given in the post depression years. Very much a Capra feel good movie and that is exactly how it left me feeling.

Greg N (br) wrote: I kinda wonder if anyone was still taking things seriously when the two main actress mud wrestle over the halfwit knife thrower hero of the movie, who is named Cuchillo which is Spanish for knife cause he's a creative guy. I still pretty much enjoyed it. Sadly, it only shows that the very talented Sergio Sollima's marxism has turned him into a racist shrew. Appearently, "Third world heroes have so little education they can't even use a gun." At least, He is a racist shrew who knows how to make a pretty good movie and how to get a mud wrestling scene in there.

Michael A (es) wrote: This Best Picture winner of 1958 was very colorful and the music and lyrics by Lerner and Lowe are quite beautiful. The plot was rather weak...a french man is bored with life, but finds interest in a girl named Gigi...that's about all this film is. A great duet comes from this musical, "I remember it well" sung by Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold. The film later would later be converted to a stage musical, which flopped on Broadway. I have never seen any group do it, but it would need some spicing up of the plot I'm sure. I give this movie a B-.

Karen P (ca) wrote: Great movie!!! Excellent suspense thriller!!! Loretta Young was great!!!

Corbin R (nl) wrote: 0 out of 5 stars. I was highly offended and disgusted by the crass sexual dialogue and themes. A waste of what could've possibly been a good film.

Cameron F (gb) wrote: Very original,very complex,very organized(in a way),and quirky.This is the film that introduced many to the directing talent of Guy Richie and introduced everybody to Jason Statham.

Sara L (us) wrote: Right on Pitch and Just About PerfectIt's more than just words and notes; the music is right on pitch and just about perfect in this remix musical production. From "No Diggity" by Backstreet to "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds, this film will have you wanting to sing and dance in your own a cappella rumble. Based on Mickey Rapkin's book, Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory. This story line may be predictable, but you will not leave without a smile on your face. This is a hilarious, up beat comedy that mixes between "Glee" and "Bring it On."Beca (Anna Kendrick) a quiet, sarcastic, witty, girl arrives at Barden University pressured by her father to get an education. She could care less about grades, but has a love for music. While attending college, she joins an a cappella group (The Bella's) hoping to help them make a comeback for the national a cappella championship title. Beca brings her remixing abilities and changes the tone from "The Sign," by Ace of Base to "Cups" her own original song. She finds herself remixing more than just music as she falls in love with the rivals (The Tremblemakers) lead singer, Jesse (Skylar Astin) who is handsome, sparking, fresh, and charming. He will do just about anything to keep Beca interested in him with flirting, teasing, and hanging out. As both groups prepare for Nationals, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) holds up her hilarious character, just like she played in "Bridesmaids." She is full of laughs and shows zero lack of confidence regardless of her appearance. She has many funny punch lines including;"Whoomp there it is!""I've been shot!""Acca-awkward.""Yeah, no, don't put me down for cardio."Some of the many great moments in the film will stir up feelings of embarrassment, to the excitement of accomplishment. Somehow you will wonder how they can make so many noises with their mouths. The musical numbers are extremely well done and the cast shimmers through with every single note.In the final round of the competition, both the Bella's and the Treblemaker's show off their musical talent along with their choreographed moves. Chloe (Brittany Snow) and Aubrey (Anna Camp) as team captains of the Bella's group back off and let Beca lead their team to victory with "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars and "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds. The Tremblemaker's come in close second with "Bright Lights, Bigger City" by Cee Lo Green and a little bit of "Magic" by B.o.B ft. Rivers Cuomo. You might not agree with the outcome, but needless to say, the finale will make you want to get down and belt out loud right along with them.Pitch Perfect not only hits many high notes for its humor, it definitely gives a sublime spin on old school music mixed with a new age beat.

Oscar S (fr) wrote: Amazing!!! a classic romantic adventure and comedy movie

Hunter H (jp) wrote: I went to see this when it came out because the trailer looked interesting, and the people who were in it on top of that. I figured reviews would be "not that great," and then I came back and found out I was right. Was I surprised? Not really. I considered giving this a 3, but 2.5 is as high as I'm willing to go for this without people judging me. I'm trying to be fair. Plus, if you notice I rated this SLIGHTLY higher than another Olivia Wilde movie (that movie being Butter), it's because I actually WANTED to see THIS because it looked interesting to ME, whereas with THAT movie, I had to sit through it... AT HOME. (For more information, check out my rant on THAT movie.) (Basically, my thoughts on this, even after seeing the trailer: "This looks like Hollow Man with a demon.")

Greg W (kr) wrote: weird but very watchable