Violet & Daisy

Violet & Daisy

Two teenage assassins accept what they think will be a quick-and-easy job, until an unexpected target throws them off their plan.

Two teenage assassins accept what they think will be a quick-and-easy job, until an unexpected target throws them off their plan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irvin B (us) wrote: I was really happy to meet the real Auntie Terry when the movie premiered, in ILOILO City. It is an honest movie that does not need to plead attention but rather spoils you with it's perfect moments of how our mothers loved us and how other people replicate that love. This is a drama that is riveting enough to be powerful and moving but does not cross the line of being histrionic.

Kyle E (au) wrote: I was not expecting it to be this good. Insidious 2 was so damn creepy and amazing. I was scared as hell. And while "The Further" was what I didn't care much about in the original, in the sequel, "The Further" is the best part. The way they brought it back to the first movie was incredible, answering scenes from the first film that we never gave much thought about. They took a seemingly simple story from the original, and brilliantly made it one of the smartest movies in years. Now I can't wait for chapter 3.

BrickInTheWall82 (ru) wrote: I'm sorry if certain other reviewers didn't get this movie. Luckily, they released an animated short film called "Dark Fury" to bridge the gap. I'd suggest watching that in between Pitch Black and Chronicles.

Farah R (fr) wrote: It's difficult finding a comedy worthy of praise as most have been disappointing of late. And saying the same for This Is Where I Leave You is quite fair. With its long list of great actors, one would expect more.

Daniel L (br) wrote: I like indie movies; I enjoy watching a movie about which I have no expectations. Sometimes you find a truly hidden gem. On the other hand, sometimes you get Deadfall Trail.

Diana W (nl) wrote: A typical HK cop thriller with solid acting and thankfully not too sentimental.

Ta H (fr) wrote: Pretty predictable but well made nonetheless nothing more to be said its a repeatedly told coming of age story done in a artsy fartsy way.

Anatoly S (us) wrote: As a film it might not say anything new, but being a true story elevates it into something else. A very personal story comes through perfectly. Great acting. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Kay O (de) wrote: precious..........and also young dripping wet boys.......

Bitten N (us) wrote: I really liked this one.. a lot of dialogue and good one!!

Jamie W (es) wrote: MPIX, how many movies have you lead me to fall in love with?I loved this one.

Myles L (gb) wrote: melancholic but beautiful.

keiron b (mx) wrote: A great family film with nice sentimental value.

David P (us) wrote: While I found this movie mildly amusing I should not have watched it alone. Instead I should have watched it with a group of very cynical, and a little drunk, movie geeks who love really bad movies and who are not shy about shouting out their thoughts & opinions during the movie. If I had done that I certainly would have given it a much higher rating.

Ola G (ru) wrote: The Arizona motorcycle cop John Wintergreen (Robert Blake) is waiting for this break to became a homicide cop. The motorcycle cop duties is not his vision of a future compared to his colleague Zipper (Billy "Green" Bush). After a claimed suicide, which turns out to be a murder, Wintergreen gets his break and his wish of wearing a stetson hat, boots and a suit. But he is also forced to confront his illusions about himself and those around him in order to solve the case, eventually returning to solitude in the desert where he meets his destiny...This is a movie I have red about several times, but never seen. I reckon "Electra Glide In Blue" is ok as an intriguing document of time and the political state America was in back in 1973. The movie shows as well Robert Blake as you want to remember him, not like what he became later on. However, I reckon first and only one time director James William Guercio shows a bit of wobbly talent, the movie is somewhat incoherent at times, but it still delivers in other areas. And it made me think that movies was made in such a specific and great fashion back then. Theres this specific aura surrounding the movies made in the 70s. And it made me listen to The Marcels...

Stuart K (it) wrote: Stage director and choreographer Bob Fosse made his cinema debut with this adaptation of Cy Coleman, Dorothy Fields and Neil Simon's popular 1966 stage musical, which Fosse had done the choreography for. It came at the tail end of the Golden Ages of Hollywood musicals, but it had a touch of 1960's psychedelia about it, and it put Fosse on track for a short but sweet screen career. It has taxi dancer Charity Hope Valentine (Shirley MacLaine), who always seems to have faith in everyone around her, but alot of people take her for a mug. She has aspirations of greater things, but she seems to be stuck in this dead end. She ends up having a one night encounter with renowned Italian actor Vittorio Vitale (Ricardo Montalban), and she eventually becomes with romantically entwined with shy claustrophobic Oscar Lindquist (John McMartin), but will it be a case of happily ever after?? It's very well made, and it has some good performances in it, but it's plot is flimsy and not the stuff of a 2 and a bit hours musical epic, but the songs and staging are very good, including Big Spender, If They Could See Me Now and The Rhythm of Life, the latter performed by special guest Sammy Davis Jr. as Big Daddy Brubeck.

Theis K (ag) wrote: Definitely not from 1998, but still a good movie.

Nick B (fr) wrote: One of those movies that are so bad its good, I'll admit a lot of the snakes and lizarads were pretty freaky and kind of made my skin crawl. It was cool seeing sam elliot really young but it was weird him not having the deep voice.