• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Portuguese,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:acronym in title,  

The life of a real conman and one of the biggest frauds in Brazil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (ru) wrote: Based on Naoki Urasawa's manga series deemed to be "impossible to turn into a film" Yukihiko Tsutsumi manages to not only pull that off, but create Japan's most expensive film project in the process. The entire trilogy was made on a budget of 6 Billion yen (which translates to approx $60 million, about the same as 1 film would cost to make in Hollywood)The first instalment of this epic trilogy is Chapter 1: Beginning of the End. Following the story of Kenji Endo, a convienience store owner and former rocker. With his love for rock not what it used to be, and his childhood friends all gone their seperate ways, Kenji gets by with the shop he works in and looking after his missing sister's baby.That is, until a series of dissappearences among town being linked to a sinister cult with an all too familar logo, being run by a masked man who just calls himself Friend. After a string of events occur which follow a story Kenji once wrote as a child back in 1969, he must re-unite with his childhood friends and become soldiers of justice in order to stop Friend from destroying the world.Whether you've read the mangas or not, this film is sure to keep you entertained and always guessing, from the minute when Kenji blares the titular T-Rex song through the corridors of his high school, to the climactic Tokyo showdown. and every minute inbetween.An amazing start to an amazing trilogy. Filled with enough mystery and suspence to lead up perfectly to the next chapter.

Bradley P (ru) wrote: Skeleton Man is an awful pile of rotting garbage; it's quite obvious the film wants to be Predator but somehow manages to be the most uninteresting, unoriginal, cliched piece of garbage that I have seen in sometime.

Lee H (au) wrote: This movie is so bad you can be entertained for all the wrong reasons. Look up a blog post on the 5 things wrong with this movie before you watch it. I Robot is twice as good with a similar concept.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Corny third entry in the Kickboxer franchise is not helped by having it's star being Sasha Mitchell, who I still can't get past being the dumb brother on "Step by Step." He was in the second film and I'll admit that he's a decent martial artist, but I can't get past him being a doofus of an actor. The story follows the kick boxer formula with the hero having to get revenge on an evil kickboxer for beating down a friend, though this film also has a old Wallace Berry type of subplot with the kickboxing hero helping Brazilian street urchins. This film is certainly not something to go out of your way to see, but it is nearly watchable if you enjoy formula boxing/kickboxing films (which I do).

Joshua G (ag) wrote: Bakshi decides to lay off most of the "adult" "humor" (yes, both quotes needed) for a film with more feeling. Animation is still flawed, but memorable because of it.

doug b (es) wrote: I'll give 1% for the sexy gal on the boat in the bikini but that's all I'm giving up for approval points on this train wreck. Henry Fonda must have had some serious money problems when they approached him with this script, not to mention all the other once respected actors. Mystery Science Theatre wouldn't touch this bomb. Run, don't walk if someone suggests watching this.

Chance F (ru) wrote: Mario Bava elevates this from a grade Z pic to a nifty B film with his great camera work and usual knack for getting the most out of so little. (update, just rewatched this and added a half a star. Bava makes the most out of his $3 budget)

Marco M (fr) wrote: Von Stroheim: A serenade to the paralysis of love in the face of sovereignty. Fixed marriage, deception, and jealousy.

PY C (it) wrote: It was okay until the middle half where it got way too boring..

bill s (ag) wrote: Really pushes the limits on my'even a bad Eastwood movie is worth watching' because this is bad.