Following the outbreak of a virus that wipes out the majority of the human population, a young woman documents her family's new life in quarantine and tries to protect her infected sister.

Emma and her sister Stacey are normal teenagers in a small town, when a mysterious infection begins to spread. With the town quarantined, and their parents stuck on the other side of the barrier, the girls have a blast eating junk food and sneaking out to go to parties. But when the disease starts to infect people they know, the girls, together with their neighbor Evan (Emma's secret crush), barricade themselves into their home. But it may already be too late, as the infection is already in their midst, and Emma will be faced with a choice: protect her sister or survive the virus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mel F (ag) wrote: Well made. I am not particularly interested in the subject matter but people who have are keen on it will get a lot out of this film.

Rajat P (us) wrote: Excellent plot! Must watch! Such movies make Bollywood proud!

Kvin L (jp) wrote: Difficile de r (C)sister une poilade moqueuse face cette parfaite repr (C)sentation de la beauf'itude

Ankit S (gb) wrote: waste of stars in movie....only akshay is good...bachan pandey

Matt S (nl) wrote: Stylish and flashy. Need I say more. Not much to talk about here but boy was it fun. The story is all over the place and so are the characters but that is just part of this film's charm.

Tom H (gb) wrote: Hyou Kim Joo really makes a great debut here. If your unfamiliar with foreighn films, this one shines as she really plays her role well. great effects here, and a lot more surprises than expected from a oriental type movie.

Ken P (ca) wrote: I really thought I'd seen the worst of the worst when it comes to B-horror with "The Slaughterhouse Massacre". But no. Apparently they couldn't even have dialogue or screaming, because the budget was too low. So bad... So, so very bad.

Kenneth B (nl) wrote: I first heard about this film 12 or 13 years ago so perhaps its no surprise that when I finally got to see Man Bites Dog it didn't quite live up to expectations. It is a dark film and one that is compelling, if not entirely as disturbing as it perhaps once was. It does feel like a film that could be analysed in quite some depth but I'll leave that for another day.

Jeff C (kr) wrote: Classic mobster movie. Every bit as good as 'Good Fellas' and 'Casino'.

Dave R (de) wrote: Another great Neil Simon story starring Marsha Mason, with Matthew Broderick as her son.

Shannon M (fr) wrote: I love this movie!! Matt Damon is adorable, he is such a genuine, affectionate father in this movie. His portrayal of a struggling single dad, combined with his seemingly impossible vision for his family, makes this heartwarming movie one of my favorites.