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Viramundo torrent reviews

Kevin S (ru) wrote: Joe Pesci plays a slumlord who is forced by a judge to live in one of his apartments untill he brings them up to code. Joe Pesci is hilarious. You will laugh the entire hour and a half. This movie is extremely funny and a great comedy performance by Joe Pesci.

Liliana C (fr) wrote: It is a charming fairy tale about an orphan girl in modern Vietnam. Contrary to other stories of runaway girls, this film portrays an empowered girl, not willing to take any mistreatment from anyone. I want to emphasize the romantic construction of a drama, under a controlled environment. Real life is different to what is shown in the film; a girl living in the streets is never safe. The movie(TM)s script left outside the vicious rapists, human exploiters and evil doers that exist in every society. Not sure if this is a pragmatic solution to government control. Despite my critics, I recommend this film to those who want to have a glimpse of Vietnamese exceptional visual experience.

Paul S (nl) wrote: A classic western , with a great cast.

Tanner B (ag) wrote: American Gigolo (1980) ??Paul Schrader's and Richard Gere's worst film (you can guess what it's about). Not deep, not exciting, not pleasantly seamy, and certainly not sexy. Why Gere, why?

Vadim D (es) wrote: I am not a fan of Westerns or Jeff Bridges, so this film is perhaps not for my taste. I do, however, appreciate the art direction and the ode to old Hollywood. Still I don't think it's really worth repeat viewings.

Anne F (gb) wrote: A documentary about life in a remote, very deprived area of Spain. I watched an English language version and couldn't get over the distaste of the narrator for his subject, but read that this was intended by Buuel. The hardness of the life lived, not so very long ago is brilliantly portrayed.