Virgin Goat

Virgin Goat

In this unique tale, director Murali Nair portrays life in rural India with ribald wit and sharp social satire.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Virgin Goat torrent reviews

Martin G (it) wrote: Prvisible, mauvais acting pour la pluspart , scnario vraiment trs sexiste (les hommes fort et les filles plutot cruche, sauf le personnage principal qui est probablement le seul personnage moyennement intressant du film , mauvais mlange de sexe/horreur avec une scne de ncrophilie en prime

Priyshika P (jp) wrote: fantastic movie.saw it a million times.

Ibraheem M (it) wrote: The direction is terrible making the film boring and slow, so it's a pile of crap after all.

Brian S (es) wrote: A good homage to Tarantula (1955) and other desert sci-fi movies from the 50's. But i have to idmit, the first part was pretty good but then really descended into shit for a while, but after became better again. The acting is pretty solid and the comedy in this movie can actually be kind of funny. The CGI spider effects can look a little cartoony but it's alright. And an apperance by Scarlett Johanson and others!! It's not Arachnophobia, but it's still worth seeing!!

Brian Daniel L (us) wrote: two words a battle field and gays terrible

Von S (fr) wrote: This movie makes you want to go into this world and live the live of the characters. The world it builds fills you with charm, delight, and adventure.

Rob T (ca) wrote: Not the best Pryor/Wilder team up but still has a few laughs...

Gill L (nl) wrote: Truth be told, the only reason I watched this film was because River Phoenix is my favourite actor of all time. If it weren't for him, I never would've given it a chance. However, once I watched it, I really enjoyed how artistic it is. I ended up purchasing it even, again mostly for River. I found his performance the best part of the film as well. He brought a very complex, interesting character to life. The storyline is definitely one that many people would stray away from but it's worth watching. It really takes the viewer out of their comfort zone and makes them rethink a lot of things they thought they knew and had a solid opinion on. There are awkward scenes but they all have meaning and they all will come together to cause you to think and see things in a new light.All around, it's not a movie for everyone but I enjoyed it.

Eric J (de) wrote: Fondly remembered film for me. One of the singer's best performances. Insightful with a large helping of sadness in regards to her life (at that time. Now she's no doubt happier)

Jim P (mx) wrote: Kind of a strange one with some interesting plot angles...the creepy alien has a face that would disturb any young pre-cg child.

Will L (ru) wrote: 'Black Dynamite' is one of the most astute cinematic parodies in decades. The poor filmmaking techniques of the blaxploitation films of yesteryear are shrewdly mimicked, and even the outrageous, convoluted, conspiracy-driven plot feels familiar. This is a brilliant, laugh-out-loud spoof.