Virginia's Run

Virginia's Run

A teenage girl, trying to come to grips with the death of her mother in a horse-riding accident, nurtures the foal of her mother's horse.

A teenage girl, trying to come to grips with the death of her mother in a horse-riding accident, nurtures the foal of her mother's horse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aman A (br) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary. It was not slow or boring and the subject matter really intrigued me. Great watch for film and music enthusiasts!

PJ E (au) wrote: Old White People go to Paris

Jenn M (mx) wrote: another run of the mill horror film. Clich abandoned hospital with clich film crew and clich creepy stuff. Didn't really find the need to watch the entire thing.

Cameron J (ag) wrote: It's hard to look at this film an not think of "Jason and the Argonauts"... or "Josie and the Pussycats". Yeah, it's even harder to look at an animated family film that's about warriors of an ancient time and features Antonio Banderas and not think about Puss in Boots, and it doesn't help that Banderas is so passionate about this project that most of the marketers precede this film's title with "Antonio Banderas Presents" on the promotional material, even though Banderas is only one of four producers, and only in a supporting role. Man, he just has to be more involved than that in this project, because they've just gone ahead and called this a Spanish film, even though, in so many ways, it's so British that it stars Freddie Highmore and Saoirse Ronan. Yes, of course I know that Ronan is Irish, but as eager as she is to do any accent except her own, she may as well be deemed so big of a traitor that she is an honorary Brit. The ironic part is that this is actually the first feature film in which she uses her original Irish accent, but hey, forget it, for we shouldn't be talking about the Brits, we should be talking about that Spanish... apparently. Well, I suppose this project is adequately armed with Spanish filmmakers, or at least not as British as I make it sound, because, really, how ye olde English can this film be when its lead is named Justin? I don't know, I always felt that Jason was a little too modern of a name for "Jason and the Argonauts", and that name is actually Greek legend, but hey, it made for a decent legend, as surely as Justin makes for a decent film, even if a slightly anachronistic-seeming name for its lead is the least of its worries. Even in concept, there's only so much to this film, whose story is kind of kiddy, with a limited sense of consequence that is, of course, further watered down by its being just so familiar. Thematically and narratively formulaic, with hardly anything refreshing in characterization and other aspects of storytelling, this film is consistently generic, and, to tell you the truth, it's sometimes trite in its shamelessly retreading familiar territory. Quite frankly, as energetically told as this story is, there is a certain laziness in this pratfall-rich interpretation of a kiddy tale which is made all the more glaring by a tendency to devolve into particularly shameless approaches to conventional kiddy humor. Now, when I said that the genericisms sometimes get to be downright trite-feeling, that boast particularly applies to the humor, for although lowlights in generally decent humor rarely, if ever prove to be grating, they're often a little too lacking in subtlety for comfort, not unlike other elements in storytelling. The film isn't quite as cloying as I feared it would be, possibly because its story is too thin to bloat all that overtly, but cheesy sentimental moments and bluntly thin characterization reflect an unsubtle overambition to engage that, as irony would have it, primarily shines a light on shortcomings, particularly the natural ones behind this thin concept. Yes, I've already touched upon how thin this narrative is in its bite, but it really does all come down to natural shortcomings, and it probably shouldn't, as there is a potential and a heart to this project that, when backed by a certain inspiration, is enough to make an endearing final product, but not enough to challenge the familiarity, cheesiness, overambition and, most of all, natural narrative limitations which challenge this effort's memorability. Of course, while it has your attention, the final product keeps you going enough to be reasonably fun, at least on a visual level. Well, in all honesty, this low-profile family flick's animations are improvable, sometimes considerably so, with stiff, almost amateur areas, but not enough for the animation to be terribly underwhelming on the whole, for limitations in life are adequately compensated for by color, dynamicity and overall energy within the designs, as well as life within the voice acting. Certainly, there's not a whole lot for this decent cast to work with, and when there is material, some of it is admittedly obnoxious in its energy, yet just about everyone's charm is distinguished, molding a fair deal of memorability to the characters, even if the film itself isn't all that memorable. The technical value and performances most consistently impress, and even then, it's not like they stand out all that much, yet they add to the color which is initially established through genuine, if less recurring highlights in storytelling. Again, conventions and cheesiness within Matthew Jacobs's and Manuel Sicilia's script sometimes bond to establish a near-trite feel, but the strengths are ultimately more predominant, particularly within the generally quite amusing, if familiar humor, which is often enhanced by lively set pieces which are themselves sold by equally lively direction, courtesy of Sicilia. There's a touch too much of a sense of ambition to Sicilia's often unsubtle direction, to be sure, but it's often met pretty comfortably by inspiration, which sustains enough momentum through atmospheric energy to entertain consistently, and not without the help of heart. While reflective of areas in which the fulfillment of potential falls short, the palpable sense of ambition to Sicilia's colorful storytelling has a heart to it that endears, which is good, as there's only so much to praise in this film, no matter how charming. Don't get me wrong, the decent writing and voice acting behind highlights in animation and direction certainly help in getting the film by as decent, but at the end of the day, the sheer heart put into this project endears as an instrumental attribute of the entertainment value that is in turn an instrumental attribute in getting the final product by, even if it carries things only so far. Overall, a thin narrative's limitations to engagement value are stressed enough by clichs, cheesy subtlety lapses in humor and storytelling, and a sense of overambition for the final product to go threatened by mediocrity, ultimately overpowered by the energetic, if improvable animations, colorful voice acting and writing, lively direction and charm that make "Justin and the Knights of Valour" a fun, if forgettable, low-profile family flick. 2.5/5 - Fair

Leah C (ru) wrote: It's okay, interesting if you don't have much else to do. It's nice to see a celebrity use his resources for a challenging endeavor like this, but a little sad to know that if he were anyone else and not an established musician with those resources, it would never get off the ground.

Bwanen S (nl) wrote: Great fighting but the story SUCKED!!!

Brent M (it) wrote: More and more it surprises me how few anglos have seen this movie. I really appreciated the efforts made to keep this from becoming merely a "nostalgia" flick. Another thing that impresses me is that for all the great reviews this movie got, it doesn't shy away from harsh reality. C.R.A.Z.Y. does merit all the praise. This film pulled me right in until I was feeling like a member of the Beaulieu family. Something that completely boggles my mind... How did they get the rights to all the music? The Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie? The artists must have really wanted to have their music associated with the film. Just one of those big mysteries. C.R.A.Z.Y. has some very important things to say about family and acceptance.

Camille L (au) wrote: En matire de production design, The Emperor and the Assassin est magnifique. Entre les costumes, les batailles et les dcors, le film de Chen Kaige est visuellement blouissant. Malheureusement, The Emperor and the Assassin est aussi particulirement lent, long et surtout ennuyeux mourir. Les 3/4 du film se passent dans des pices fermes, avec des dialogues particulirement empess, des squences entires qui auraient pu tre coupes du film et qui semblent tre des personnages qui rptent ce que l'interlocuteur vient de dire. Chen Kaige nous prend par la main tout du long et nous guide dans un pisode de l'histoire dont on parle trs peu souvent en Occident mais qui peut paratre simpliste pour un film de 2h42. C'est dommage, car cela affaiblit normment le film.

Alexis A (ru) wrote: one of the first tragi-comedies i ever saw. pretty good stuff- lee evans was brilliant

Felipe F (ru) wrote: Oliver Stones second part of "Vietnam War Trilogy" rises on the strenght of Tom Cruises star turn performance as real life vet Ron Kovic as well as the writer-diretor sure handed grip of the personal consequences of war.

Nate W (es) wrote: charles bronson vs the mormons. not nearly as exciting as this sounds. fairly average, slow moving, and despite an amazing opening scene, not very violent.

Grant H (nl) wrote: Great movie. Gritty, dark, disturbing, with an incredible performance from Keitel, one of his best. It's better than the similar 2009 film with Nicolas Cage in its dealings with mortality, religion, and spirituality, but it's not as good in plot structure or character development.

Luke K (ca) wrote: Widely considered Tarantino's worst film, Death Proof is a gritty old-school throwback to 70s exploitation cinema, and I think it's a misunderstood gem.The film stars Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike (a madman who stalks young women with his car and kills them), as well as an ensemble of women including Vanessa Ferlito, Zoe Bell and Rosario Dawson. I think the reason people don't like this movie is because it's so different from anything Tarantino had made, and people didn't really know what to make of it. Released as a special Grindhouse double feature in collaboration with Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, Death Proof is a B movie in ever sense of the word - resurfacing tropes of this subgenre and capturing that darkly fun cult spirit and aesthetic. Everything from the unrefined construction of the film image (the film was physically scratched onto, rather than using a digital filter), to the opening trailers, to the 'missing' sections of the film reel. It's all super cool and so fun to watch.Also, the film itself is exactly what one would imagine from a Tarantino-directed B-movie. It's cartoonish and over-the-top, but still so beautifully shot with that rich style and touch. The choreography of the driving too - specifically that final chase - was absolutely incredible, with some amazing stuntwork, especially from Tarantino veteran/stuntwoman-turned-actress Zoe Bell, who really got to shine at the forefront for once. The actors also had such a natural and smooth chemistry, surprisingly grounded for such a film. And maybe the dialogue wasn't as great as one would hope from Tarantino, but there were moments, and the film as a whole was just so entertaining. I can't see how anyone could deny that.Death Proof is clearly Tarantino's passion project. He didn't care if it was completely different to what his fans were used to; he made it because these were the kinds of films he loved, and because he wanted to. The product was a truly unique B-movie romp with moments of that classic Tarantino wit and style - an underrated homage to a cinematic era that barely exists anymore.

Luis R (de) wrote: Ambitious directing from Tate Taylor both helps and hinders Get on Up. It pays off when executing some of James Browns' more interesting obstacles but adds some awkward asides from the main character and structural issues. However, the missteps are glossed over by Chadwick Boseman who gives a mesmerizing performance.

Luke B (jp) wrote: Great film my 3 year old daughter loved it really good family film

P O (jp) wrote: I can't understand the bad ratings at all. This is a great movie on many levels and is the most original movie I've seen in recent memory. It has all the exciting aspects of an action movie with a twist, combined with the suspense and unfolding drama of a believable romantic relationship of two quirky stoners who are multidimensional. It's also got funny moments, but not in a tired stoner cookie cutter movie way. Yes the characters smoke, but that's not the entertainment, just a part of their lives. Yes it has violence (it is an action movie), but doesn't rely on violence to carry it and the stunts and fights are originally and entertainingly choreographed, and the weapons of choice are very unique! Just watch it! This is the best movie I've seen this year and probably my favorite in a long time.