Virtual Sexuality

Virtual Sexuality

Desperate to find her perfect man Justine goes to a technology fair with her nerdy classmate Chas. It's not really her thing but is eventually persuaded to try a virtual reality makeover machine and discovers that she can create her perfect man even if it is only an electronic facsimile. The power surge from a freakish accident causes a part of her psyche to be copied into her virtual perfect man.

A frustrated teenage girl creates her perfect man in a virtual reality machine and in a freak accident gives him life with hilarious results! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler P (gb) wrote: Bon film d'horreur britannique.

Kevin P (ca) wrote: Another fantastic doc about street art & graffiti, especially it's history & influence around the world.

Ola G (br) wrote: Claire Barney (Samantha Morton) is a metermaid in Los Angeles. She is kind, but a bit lonesome and odd. She takes care of her mother, who suffers from a stroke and has lost her speech. One day Claire bumps into parking officer Jay Caswell (Jason Patric). A man with severe anger and frustration issues and on the border of being a sociopath. Eventually the mismatched couple end up in a very disfunctional and turbulent love situation. Never been a fan of Samantha Morton, but both she and Jason Patric gives fine performances in "Expired". I like how the movie has been shot, with a lot of odd angles and closeups. The disfunctional dynamics between Claire and Jay made me cringe and stress me. Thus, the actors really succeeded to give life to their characters. "Expired" is not too shabby at all.

Jason V (de) wrote: I saw several movies of this series, but not sure if I saw that one or not...

Brendan R (us) wrote: Mostly for me, this isn't the type of movie I am interested in. I've seen foreign films I liked. I just found this one rather sedate. It probably didn't help that I had seen a documentary about this film before seeing the movie. That took out a lot of the tension and surprise.

Trey L (br) wrote: John Landis often says that you know a picture is good if it features a man in a gorilla suit. Now I can see why - his first credited feature, which he wrote and directed, features Landis himself wearing Rick Baker's gorilla suit in almost every scene. The whole affair is very amateurish, virtually plotless, and clearly was made on a shoestring budget, but the jokes (mostly of the spoof and slapstick variety) hit more often than miss. In fact, I can see some of the same deadpan style that he would later use to great effect in The Blues Brothers. It's the kind of "bad move" that is to be laughed with, not laughed at.

Brian K (us) wrote: Not the best story, even if it was written by Elmore Leonard. Plot is wonky.

Johnny F (jp) wrote: This is the best Clint Eastwood film ever.

Justin A (br) wrote: Sometimes you just watch the right movie at the right time. Two Thousand Maniacs is still the crap that Blood Feast was, only the acting is improved, the kills are memorable, and the characters are interesting. The small southern town adds a lot to the atmosphere of the movie. It has some southern charm on the outside, but is very creepy as well. Like a lot of drive-in movie, this is one of those movies where you make out with whoever you're with for a little bit and only turn to the screen to see the blood when it happens. It's a simple, stupid plot that is carried by the blood. My favorite particular death was the barrel roll (Peppy Hare would be proud). This isn't a movie for everyone, as it's too tame for modern gorehounds. This is a movie for fans of cheap and bad drive-in movies. If that's you, this is one of the best.

Rory P (ru) wrote: I am a bit confused about the praise for this; I'll have to watch it again. In the meantime: 2 and a half stars.

Brandon W (it) wrote: Spaceballs is directed and co-written by Mel Brooks, and it stars Bill Pullman, John Candy, Rich Moranis, Daphne Zuniga, and Mel Brooks in a science fiction satire about a princess that doesn't want to get married, runs away, and the king hires Lone Star (Bill Pullman) to go after the princess for a million space bucks so that Pizza the Hutt won't go after them, or Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) will go after the princess so that they could take all the air to make profit of it. This is one of the films that I was kind of looking for forward to review to see if the movie holds up as one of the satire greats, and sadly it's not, but it's funny, which is more than what I can about the recent parody films. The acting is pretty good in the comedic timing, which is nice to see Bill Pullman in a movie. The effects are really nice-looking, but there are some that look dated. The characters are enjoyable to watch, and the jokes get a laugh out of me, but there are some, more than I thought, that really dies off pretty fast. The Star Wars parody in there are clever to watch while still feeling its own movie. Spaceballs is a really good movie that is not quite as well-received as his old movies, but still remain a bit of a comic classic.

Roxanne D (nl) wrote: Like Andres Wood's Machuca, This Is England tells the coming of age of a young fatherless boy whose purposeless loneliness leads him into a world unknown to him, which functions as the catalyst for his maturation. On the other hand, both films reveal the respective national and political realities of their age that don't function as backdrops to a coming of age story, but as troubling and serious exposes.

Chris S (ca) wrote: Another found footage film which is nothing short of excellent.