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Simon C (ag) wrote: Take a shot of vodka every time someone says "Ethan".

Clifford H (br) wrote: Very few films of 2009 even warranted a chuckle. This is one of those films.

Jayy P (ru) wrote: I am in love with this movieeee. <3

Mackensie B (br) wrote: It was awesome!!!! I love ice skating!!??!!??!!??!!

Tsukasa A (es) wrote: The British movie draws affairs of two immature and unstable teen-aged girls in a summer in Yorkshire. It leaves a little pain probably associated with growth in one's life. Emily performed as a beautiful and haughty girl and won a good reputation to extend her career as an actress. Natalie's performance as a troubled but honest country girl also is also amazing. Beautiful sceneries in Yorkshire and their performances make the movie very attractive and entertaining.

Gee Q (fr) wrote: best gangsta movie ever

Vinson C (kr) wrote: The first Zhang Yimou's movie I watched and I was so touched by the colourful images it showed... Zheng done a fantastic job in this movie...

stefn birgir s (kr) wrote: Now, I really dug the first one - it was ace. This one isn't. A survivor from the first movie (the good girl) is now in a all-girl rock band. The band needs to practice and what better way to practice than to HAVE A SLUUUUMBER PARTEYYY!! Now, everything would be grand if the survivor wouldn't be hallucinating and ruining everybody's party. Also, there is a crazy killer with a guitar shaped power drill. Quite surreal, in a bad way.ALOT of bad 80s obscure Rock included.

jay n (us) wrote: Living up to it's title a dreamy film of the aged Alice's half memories of her childhood and Lewis Carroll interwoven with sequences of animated characters from the story and her present day, the 30's, trip to receive an honorary degree. Nice sense of time and place and a truly lovely performance by Coral Browne as the grownup Alice.

Mike H (fr) wrote: You cannot fully appreciate Austin Powers until you have seen the Connery Bond films and a movie like this, cranked out of a 1970s assembly line, that perfectly exemplifies how dull and manufactured hippie cinema inevitably became: This Russ Meyer/Roger Ebert collaboration is a visually weak, shallow, and uninteresting. It is in thoroughly familiar territory, its junk soundtrack is unfortunately repetitive, and the editing is below average. If you are interested in hippie cinema, there are a slew of other movies you should see instead -- even if for their cultural relevance only -- including but not limited to those that appear in the BBS Lost and Found box set; likewise, if you are interested in Russ Meyer, a far far better starting point would be Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!

Lotti K (nl) wrote: Fairly mediocre "horror movie" that isn't remotely horrifying, and whose Sixth Sense-ish twist you can see coming from a mile away.

James W (jp) wrote: Katherine Heigl looks great, she has a sassy edge and her performance is solid but even her comedic talent can't compensate for One For The Money's lack of laughs and action thrills. Down on her luck Stephanie Plum (Heigl) takes a job for her sleazy cousin in his bail bond business, only to realise her target is her ex. If Plum can catch him and take him in she'll get her hands on a sweet amount of money, and feel even better knowing she's put away her ex. Decent premise but bad execution, it took a good 30 minutes till I laughed, even though it was more of an awkward chuckle. The only word to describe this film is dry, sucked free of comedy. Daniel Sunjata lacks charisma and is just there to make Heigl's character look less qualified for the job. Sherri Sheperd is as funny as ever but only appears for a few minutes, the supporting cast are a mixed bag, never living up to the shine of the lead star. One For The Money is one of those films that you have to trudge through, you don't really enjoy it yet can't turn it off as you hope it will improve as the minutes pass by, but sadly it stays on auto-pilot.