The Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Centre (LETAC) has developed SID version 6.7: a Sadistic, Intelligent, and Dangerous virtual reality entity which is synthesized from the personalities of more than 150 serial killers, and only one man can stop him.

Parker Barnes is an policeman who is in prison because of killing his wife and child. One day, He is released from prison and he is responsible for hunting a dangerous monster being out of control destroys the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Virtuosity torrent reviews

Zack F (jp) wrote: The Les Miserables of concert films, Neil Young Journeys contains a great performance by Young, but Jonathon Demme makes an odd and unattractive choice of filming at super close-ups from the mic stand. The documentary also contains too much concert and too little getting-to-know Neil Young.

Diane M (ru) wrote: where are the young virgins the brothers deflower why else would you invade a country for there natural resouces the camels are tighter than the sweaty ass's of these women of this country

Takee A (it) wrote: This is that rare thing: a franchise that grows more winning with each installment. It had a great moral, the screenplay was awesome by Ben Queen, it was well written & directed by John Lasseter and last but not least, it was very well animated.

Paul D (mx) wrote: A good depiction of a modern conflict which is 'pointless' in so many ways for those fighting it in this micro study. Without any political depictions, it has a deep political message.

Grg W (mx) wrote: a very good indie love story about a girl desperate enough to become a surrogate mother for a family who can't have kids. this was a very enjoyable movie. there were good laughs, beautiful women, great dialogue, and overall a touching story. the only thing i didn't like about this movie was that annoying kid Max.

Carlos G (ca) wrote: Finales abiertos, intrigante y con la capacidad de ponerlo a uno a pensar, pero sin respuestas concretas. Acertijos y vueltas, si le entras al ambiente de la pelcula, te puede atrapar y sugestionarte. Buena, pero se pudo explotar ms. Aunque no puedo dejar de verla!

Franois M (us) wrote: Les triplettes est l'un des films d'animation les plus extraordinaire qui soit. L'humour. La musique et l'animation l'ancienne. Les ingrdients sont l. Le plaisir du cinma aussi.... Une coup de pied dans le cul Disney, Pixar et tous ceux qui nous offrent des trucs qui crient sans rien dire. Une oeuvre complte. Le septime art dans ce qu'il a de plus plaisant.

Jonathan L (mx) wrote: Incredibly funny movie. Still my favorite movie of all time.

Shawn W (fr) wrote: Sword and sorcery film where Moor and Christian knights battle as part of a holy war. Generally, the knights seem content just to roam around the forest by themselves or in small groups. Works in part because the costumes are so good.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: When I first come across this after watching the sequel, I just couldn't into it and just find it very boring. However, that was years ago, so I got a bit wiser and learn to appreciate slow-paced films. So after watching it, Tron is a really great Disney movie that really is original. The plot is pretty straightforward, but I still got interested in it. Characters are pretty good, and the acting is well done, especially Jeff Bridges. When it gets to the Grid, the effects look astounding and definitely works in the pixelating world which makes sense in that time period of when the film was made. There were times that I still got a bit bored and wanted the film to go a little bit faster, and it does go back to being interesting when it starts moving forward. The disk action is pretty good, and the lightcycle scenes are very stylish and entertaining to watch. Tron is a very entertaining film that is better than I remember of it.

Ehron A (jp) wrote: *** This review contains spoilers *** I am a huge Hitchcock fan, and I am getting to know Truffaut. I love "Day for Night" and recently really enjoyed Truffaut's other Hitchcock 'homage', "Vivement dimanche!" ("Confidentially Yours"). This film was sloppy here and there, but didn't mind it so much. There were little plot holes that didn't bother me at all. Frequent Hitchcock composer Bernard Herrmann's score is like comfort food. The film's ending, which some people have described as brilliant, a twist, or horrific, to me seemed rather flat and predictable -- however, again... I still enjoyed it.The piece that I simply cannot move past - the piece that simply was unforgivable to me, was one gigantic plot hole which was the basis for the entire plot of the film. If you have seen Kill Bill, then the plot of this film will be familiar to you, as it seems it was inspired by Truffaut's film (or perhaps the book Trauffaut's film was adapted from). The film's main character, Julie Kohler, is seeking revenge on 5 men, one of whom accidentally (and ridiculously) shot and killed her husband on their wedding day. She makes a list, finds each of the men, and disposes of them, crossing each man's name off her list.The problem here is: The 5 men were completely unknown to Julie. They were anonymously playing poker and drinking, 5 stories up in a building across from the church. In a flashback sequence, we learn that immediately after the accident, the 5 men flee from the building, all going in separate directions and agree to never see each other again. There is never any explanation as to how Julie discovers the identity of any of these men. Which, to be honest, I could live with -- I don't need every little thing explained to me... the problem is that I cannot think of any plausible way that she could have discovered this information, given the explanation that actually WAS given regarding the fleeing of the men from the scene of the crime. And given the lack of an arrest of any of the 5 men for the shooting leads one to assume that the police had no leads either. It just makes no sense, and I spent the entire film waiting for the pieces to come together... to understand how she knew who these men were and how she found them. It became a distraction from the entertainment.Seriously. I could forgive all the other little flaws, but this one is just way too big.

Nathan N (kr) wrote: Hilarious. Extremely funny with good songs. Bought this at Walgreens for a dollar along with My Favorite Brunette. A dollar well spent.

Sanity Assassin (nl) wrote: one of the best old war films and one of the best films starring john wayne. until viewing this the horse soldiers was my favourite performance by the duke. don't get me wrong... he's the usual man we know but here he does it better with gumption. he's very well supported too with good performances mostly by all concerned

Greg W (br) wrote: awesome rom-com one of my faves too

Anthony I (es) wrote: Basic Instinct is campy, schlock-cinema. I was embarrassed throughout the entire film. It's a film set in 1992, written like a cheap knockoff of an Edward G. Robinson 40's film noir, laced with f-bombs. If a throwback was the point, maybe they should've done a much better job. All this film had going for it, and precisely why it was a popular in the 90's was Sharon Stone's sex appeal. She's a beautiful woman, yes. She crossed her legs... OOOOOH HOW SCANDALOUS. Were people really this amused back then?