Virus Undead

Virus Undead

From director Wolf Wolff comes another zombie movie whose epidemic derives from a virus which turns humans into hideously infected cannibals with superhuman power. In a country town of Landsberg is where the movie is set and it primarily focuses on a trio of friends, medical students who find themselves in a whole heap of trouble. Robert is returning home to settle his genius scientist relative's estate once he dies. Eugene and Patrick accompany Robert to Landsberg where they meet up with two girls, Robert's former flame, Marlene, and her pal Vanessa. The pandemic is understood once Eugene discovers a lab behind a wine cellar door and Robert listens to the recorded audio comments of his grandfather's experiments on corpses and animals hoping to find out what causes the virus and how it spreads.

An infection transmitted by diseased birds is causing corpses to reanimate in search of human flesh. As the army of the undead grows, a medical student and his friends find themselves surrounded by zombies, with nowhere to run. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Virus Undead torrent reviews

Angelo Dean B (ru) wrote: 3 Stars!Simple, Funny and Authentic!

Ton Q (es) wrote: As good as the content material for this movie is, it feels a little rushed and disconnected from itself. If there was more focus on the history, science, and philosophy involved, and not so much on the characters themselves, this movie could have been better.

Tapio K (br) wrote: Half a star for the effort and the general idea. What this "film" lacks is something that binds its scenes together. We know it is a simulated snuff film but as such it is boring as hell to watch. To me it seemed to be like a random collection of scenes of torture, killing and (for some reason) driving around. To call this mess a film is an overstatement. Sure it has some pretty weird stuff going on but I for one didn't find that very upsetting.Pros: length (less than that of an average feature film), special effects and the visual look, cowsCons: length (it was around 70 minutes which makes it around 70 minutes too long), plot (or lack thereof) and everything else

Sumeeta R (ru) wrote: was very pleasantly surprised !!!

David D (ru) wrote: I thought this was a kind of smart bait and switch con movie with adequate acting from a nice ensemble cast. The denouement proves a worthy ending to a twisty plot. For some reason, I also really love Dustin Hoffman in this kind of role. I'll certainly say this movie has a 'watchability' that may have you coming back to it more than once.

Shea S (ca) wrote: this man is a great actor. interesting movie.

Jeff V (gb) wrote: Is it a tense drama? Is it a strident advocation of gun control? No, it's just cardboard characters talking on the phone.

Melissa L (ru) wrote: Just ok. It was a little different, but not my favorite. It's pretty unrealistic, and the developing relationship between the women would never happen after they offed someone.

cable g (ru) wrote: ~ MOvie sound s familiar but will check it out and see if I like / or not...L.O.L.

Jaret M (nl) wrote: Alright, I want to know right now!! Who gave Jessica Simpson permission to be an actress?! I want answers people! Who was it?!?!?