Sunny, a priest, comes to know that Vavachan is running an old age home with vile intentions. He wants the corpses of the inmates for the medical college run by his son. Sunny decides to expose this.

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Vishudhan torrent reviews

John M (de) wrote: OK, the plot isn't original by any means, but this is how you do the dream woman coming to life scenario. It's witty, clever and has charm by the bucket load. And it's for those reasons that, even when it loses steam occasionally, you don't very much care, because the characters are so endearing and charming that you just want to spend time with them. In Ruby Sparks, Kazan has given us the best example of this kind of film that there's ever been.

Mike V (gb) wrote: This movie was great, It has subtitles but you have to see it.

Jennifer K (kr) wrote: Another great movie.

Alec F (mx) wrote: A long long time ago on a couch not so far away somewhere between the hours of 3 and 4 am a friend and I were up late watching TV, laughing at late night infomercials and public access TV, and we happened to stumble upon this gem of a movie. Somewhere between sheer horror, sheer hilarity and pure non-stop entertainment lies Gary Busey's "The Hider In The House". There are a number of fantastic Busey performances out there to be sure. Some more serious and endearing like his portrayal of the sympathetic drunk uncle in "Silver Bullet"... some gripping like his asshole CIA heel character in "Predator 2"... some disturbingly weird and fantastically improvised like the mad doctor in "Surviving The Game"... and some simply unforgettable like the mentor buddy cop in "Point Break". Busey has a number of lesser works that run the character gamut, all with a signature Busey style. In "The Hider In The House" however, Busey combines them all in a masterfully-portrayed sympathetic, hilarious and endearing psychopath stalker who just wants to fit in... and be one of us... and burn the house down and kill us all... he's fun for the whole family. Clearly Busey's magnum opus, "The Hider In The House" has some great writing and some fantastic supporting performances as well. Particularly great is the exterminator played by the apparently-ubiquitous-but-almost-always-hardly-noticable Lenny Termo "Hey you - yo don't belong here! You're not goin' nowhere!" (my nominee for best supporting actor of 1990)... Krispen Glover's dad (who plays a fantastically pedophilic and lecherous sports freak) "Ooooh I wish I were back in kindergarten... especially with you!"... and some whiny kid who plays the little boy - "I wasn't burning my soldiers! I was pretending they were dad!". Special honorable mention goes to the school bully - "I know why... because ya got big ears!" Thrilling non-stop laughs and miscellaneous entertainment in this one. One of the top 10 movies ever made. I would recommend everyone watch this movie at least five times in their lifetime, and possibly as often as once per week. Get the dvr out if this is ever on TV because there is a fantastic rewind scene at least twice every minute. The blu-ray gods need to get on this ASAP remastered with a Busey commentary. Find it somewhere - you won't be disappointed. You can't shut it off, once Busey is already in.

billiejo s (de) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie it got me shouting at the tv lol i think it's a brilliant movie

Adam T (jp) wrote: Dr No is the blueprint from which all other Bonds would follow- exotic locations, beautiful women and a villain who wants to take over the world. The gadgets and the Aston Martin would turn up in the next few episodes to solidify Bond as pop cultural icon. The story here is reasonable low key until Bond confronts the villain in his underground lair. He is sent to Jamaica to investigate the killing of secret service agents only to find his trail lead to Dr No (Jonathon Wiseman), an articulate, oriental looking madman with metal claws for hands who wants to destroy the world with a nuclear device. Connery is a bit rough around the edges and hasn't smoothed into the character yet (when I first saw this film, I thought he was meant to be East European!) but it was his performances as the action hero that cemented his appeal as an actor. Call me a wet blanket too but I never understood the appeal of Ursules Andres as Honey Rider (as great as she looked coming out of the surf) and prefer the classy charms of Sylvia Trench...and Moneypenny for that matter (until she got bogged down with Roger Moore).

Stephanie L (ag) wrote: for a short, antoine et colette was a lovely surprise.

Edgar A T (au) wrote: the most accesible and fun to watch movie from godard.

Jo S (kr) wrote: If you are a fan of the basenji breed, this is a must see!

Owen M (ru) wrote: This has got to be the funniest out of the three Austin Powers movies. Mini Me was hilarious as always and so was Mike Myers as Powers, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and Goldmember.I really enjoyed it.

Lau H (ru) wrote: This movie is disgusting, shock, and scary. I seriously don't like it, but it is indeed a good horror movie.