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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Visiones torrent reviews

Andres V (it) wrote: Que porquera tan sucia, es algo que sobrepasa, en lo malo, a las producciones de Dago Garca, lo cual es un insulto gravsimo. Por lo menos deja ver que los argentinos, a pesar, de los aos luz que nos llevan en cine, tambin hacen sus mega cochinadas. Lstima por Guillermo Francella que arruina su modesta imagen con semejante estupidez.

John R (kr) wrote: Formulaic, but the cat is adorable, and Catherine Ohara improves everything.

Neil L (br) wrote: I can't believe I was so bored that I watched this...

Frank H (br) wrote: The kick-ass Italian film "Vincere" (Win) is the best movie I've seen in months. Something like opera on crack, full of visual and aural bombast. The kind of film Baz Luhrmann would direct if he had taste. Written and directed by Marco Bellocchio, it tells the story Mussolini's secret mistress (played by the incredible Giovanna Mezzogiornio, who could give Meryl a run for her money). The more powerful and notorious Mussolini becomes, the more he ignores her. The more he ignores her, the more desperate she gets for his attention (she flashes her pussy at him during a photo op). He then proceeds to erase his dirty little secret by throwing her in an asylum and whisking their illegitimate son to a military school. Big moments and tiny details flood the screen. Powerful as an advancing army and as convincing as propaganda. I couldn't open my eyes wide enough.

Bill B (fr) wrote: This was never scary, and it's as predictable as all hell, from the first moment we meet the characters, to them walking up to the lonely farmhouse, to the family in the house turning on them like all remote living families do in cinema.There's some oddball subplot that I honestly never understood about the family harvesting skin for something, an operating room sequence that they keep flashing to, but I never understood what it all meant, and didn;t care enough to look it up for the purposes of this capsule review.Pass, unless you're just morbidly curious about Romero's son and his (lack of) directing ability.

MasrinaBee T (gb) wrote: I like this movie. Touching!

Greg W (fr) wrote: wanna be 'indy jones' or 'warehouse 13' but misses the mark by a mile

Kat K (fr) wrote: GUDDU - (1995) - talk about melodrama!!! This movie is SOOOOO involved and overly dramatic. The songs were okay - the one inside the ancient temple with the Kama Sutra wall carvings (SRK was extra cute!). The clincher for me was the surgery scene - I'm WAY TOO used to Hollywood special effects - was NOT prepared to see actual footage of an actual brain surgery. ACK!

Darcy S (au) wrote: I liked it because of John Candy.

Fraser B (br) wrote: Skip the first hour and 45 minutes and you'll probably enjoy yourself a lot more than if you sit through the whole thing. Fantastic editing and camera work, with Mifune turning in fine work, as usual, but it's not until the thrilling, brutal finale that it's really worth your attention. Also, worst. narration. ever.

Weiting T (ru) wrote: skipping tone,too much to tell in 2 and a half hours.