After moving to a vineyard with her family, a pregnant woman experiences horrifying visions.

After moving to a vineyard to start a new life with her husband, young mother-to-be Julia begins to experience terrifying visions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe W (it) wrote: On my opinion this was a scary awesome edge of you're seat thriller.

Jerry K (fr) wrote: "Still Bill" is a loving valentine to Bill Withers, an "unknown legend" whose music, includes classics such as "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Lean on Me." He and his music are important inspirations to jazz musicians and up and coming performers and songwriters. We learn about his early years as a stutterer, his "breakthrough" on the Johnny Carson Show, not to mention his loving, caring relationship with his family. Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley put Withers life and contributions into historical perspective. This is truly a touching and inspiring work when placed against the often tragic tales of Hendrix, Joplin and others. Bravo!

Chelsea K (gb) wrote: Jay Baruchel, how do I count the ways that I love you. An outright entertaining dark-comedy (which is little bizarre at times) with a wonderfully talented cast. A must see for any Jay Baruchel fan.

David B (br) wrote: Great doco, but scary to watch knowing how much power the people who win these elections wield, not just in their own country but around the world.

Paul B (it) wrote: disney is good but Bambi is very girlie

Carlos I (br) wrote: Another great take on the story. Great performances all around. I like that they added more Hannibal bits in...

Walker S (jp) wrote: An amazing look at gators life the 1080s skate boarder who lost his mind when vert skating went out and street came in. This movie and the movie dog town and z boys help illustrate a picture of how skateboarding was formed but where stoked breaks off from that is the fact that it examines only one persons life. Mark (Gator) Rogowski is examined from his early years to his celeb skate status in the mid to late 80s and then to his eventual downfall this a documentary you don't want to miss

Sophie B (gb) wrote: This is a brilliant fil,m for Richard Gere fans (like myself)! i think iv watched it neally as many times as Pretty Woman!

Darrin C (ru) wrote: I saw this movie years ago and when I saw it again recently, I forgot what a smart and overall great comedy this was! The story was solid as was the acting and the dialog was hilariously witty. James Caan is the real reason to see this as he steals every scene though Jeff Bridges and Sally Fields also performed very well!

Michael T (kr) wrote: Typical DeMille fare: overwrought, melodramatic and a lot of fun.

James L (jp) wrote: Rebecca DaCosta is the only part about this film I found riveting....because the story and many events within the film were just not that compelling and almost ridiculous at times , which I'm certain was not the intent. I mean really, the main character is shot in the hand how many times ???

intuciic (it) wrote: good movie. truthful, which makes it painful and makes you feel sad. and its just one of places where such things happen. and its even sadder that world dont care!